Placed in ascending serial number order.

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Serial number

Estimated date of manufacture

1 David Ireland Puch Ladies tourer 5040426 ?
2  Julian Merriman ADS:
Shimano 'Thunderbird' front & Tourney GS rear derailleurs, Weinmann Vainqueur cp brakes, Arius Imperator Professional' seat,  Normandy bubs w Rigida Chromalux
5533038 1975 - 76
3 Richard Diegel Vent Noir:  full 1st-generation Dura Ace black-anodized gear, GB engraved bars and black-anodized stem, Gilux 3000 saddle, MKS Mikashima 'Unique' pedals less the clips and straps, Fiamme Gold red-label tubulars   5567264 1976 ?
4 Adam Bush AD SL: silver with black pin striping, round fork blades, Shimano derailleurs 5589259  1970s ?
5 Bill Russell AD Vent Noir: flat black with all original finish and decals. The frame is 21" (54cm C-T) with 22.7" (576mm C-C) top tube. Full Reynolds 531 with no braze ons. Chrome fork crown and dropouts. Black Dura Ace brakes (silver levers), cranks (drilled), shifters (down tube), freewheel ( MF7400), and front derailleur. Rear derailleur is Crane. Stem is black anodized GB. Drop bars are GB alloy (silver).  5599620

original owner   purchased it new in 1976

6   Vent Noir: flat black, no braze-ons, chrome crown & fork ends f & r, 1st gen Dura Ace, black anodized GB stem, engraved GB bars, 54 cm  Catalog picture 5607460 mid 1970s...
7 Garland Gooden AD SL: silver with black pinstriping, Shimano 600 gearing and Weinmann 610/Vainqueur 999 brakes. 5617118  purchased by my late brother in either the late 70s or early 80s in NYC.
8   Vent Noir: 21" frame CTT, originally flast black, w/1st generation Dura Ace black 5617968 bought in the UK in the mid 70s
9 Nino Gaudino Super Leicht 53 cm, full Campagnolo  picture 5619303 owner since 1979
10   Vent Noir: "AD, not a Puch... surprising...  bought in Sheffield, England and ADs were apparently only sold in the US!" 5623031  
11 Schuyler Klaassen Superleicht "Cream"  562(4?)628 1974?
12 Jim Weber  AD S: Red 5625514 1970s
13 Schuyler Klaassen  AustroDaimler Superleicht "Cream" 562(4?)628  1974 (I think)
14 Russ Donahue AD S:  Red 5625550  

Weinmann center-pull brake is dated 1972.

15 Lawrence McDaniel AD SL: Powder blue color, Weimann rims & brakes, Shimano gears, Apex-5 crankset.  5627846 ?
16 Steve Burton   5627971  
17 Cliff Schroff Vent Noir Matte black 531 black Dura Ace group with Crane rear derailleur; black anodized GB stem; GB bars.switched to Phil Wood hubs and Super Champion Competition clincher rims at purchase. 5658210 One owner Purchased 12/8/79
18 Shane Rowse Vent Noir,  Matte black Reynolds 531 frame and forks, Shimano droputs, Black Dura-Ace group, drilled cranks, Shimano Crane rear, black anodized GB stem, engraved GB bars. Originally had gold Fiamme rims with sewups. 5658258 Estimated manufacture date 1976  Purchased new, 1985, Indianola, Iowa. Shop said they'd gotten it as a closeout from a shop in Ames, Iowa.
19   Vent Noir: Black Frame, Shimano Dropouts, Black Dura Ace Group. 5658225 Est. 1976
20 Steve Duhamel Vent Noir:  matte black, Reynolds 531 frame and forks, Shimano Black Dura Ace group, Fiamme gold sewup rims. 5658276 orig owner  Purchased from Freewheelin’ Cyclery, 38 North St. Hingham, MA Sept. 23, 1978
21 Les White   Inter 10: Deep maroon w gold & chrome accents 5665313 Original owner, purchased March 22, 1978.
22 Scott Tongate Inter 10 63cm burgundy w gold box lining and chrome socks. Shimano 600 group. 5665338  
23 Clark Smith Super Leicht 5669523 2nd owner
24 Glenn Gernert Vent Noir 57 cm matte black Reynolds 531, Shimano dropouts, black Dura-Ace group w/Shimano Crane rear, black anodized GB stem and engraved GB bars. 5669564 1978 ?
25   Vent Noir: as above, 57 cm c-t-c. 5669645  1978
26 Bruce Luecke Vent Noir, matte black, Reynolds 531 frame and fork. Shimano dropouts, black Dura-Ace group with Shimano Crane rear, GB stem and engraved GB bars. 5669646 1978 ?
27 Dan Schaus Vent Noir: Black, w/ GB Engraved bars & stem, Dura Ace drilled black crank, brakes & Crane rear derailleur. 5669685 Bought in Portsmouth, NH
1978 or 1979
28   Inter-10  Reynolds 531 23” Color "aubergine." Gillux 3000 (It) saddle, Shimano 600 shifters and derailleurs, SR Apex cranks, SR Road Champion bars & stem, Weinmann brakes. 5678249 From Rick’s Bike Shop, Lawrence, KS.
 May, 1979
29   Vent Noir: Black Frame, Shimano Dropouts. 5688805  1976 ?
30 Buck Glueck Inter 10 21" frame. Burgundy w/ gold pinstriping and lettering, Reynolds 531 tubing, Shimano 600 derailleurs & brakes, Normandy hubs, Weinmann rims, SR apex cranks
SR Road champion handlebars and stem.
5694628 purchased new in
31 Hugh Gibson Puch Royal Force silver,with 1st gen Dura Ace black group. Pictures 5694809 Shimano year code on the crankset is an A for 1976
32 Albert Hines Puch Royal Force with 531 butted Reynolds frame and full 1st gen. Dura Ace Pictures 5699773  
33 Don Fox Inter-10 58cm, burgundy with chrome fork ends & dropouts and the remainders of a Shimano 600 kit. 5709915  
34 Paul Altenhofen Inter-10, 25 inch, 531 frame and fork, burgundy w/chrome forks & stays, Shimano 600 group. 5709969 Original and present owner Bought new April 1979 at Nim's in
Ames, IA
35 Paul Altenhofen AD-SL (?) 25 inch, probably 531 frame with standard fork 5728023 ?
36 Jay Coble  ADS: burgundy, Sun Tour V-GT Luxe R r derailleur, Compe V f der, Weinmann cp brakes 5740124 1976 or 1977 ?
37 Kurt Matejka AD-S: Apex crankset, Suntour Compe V front , V-GT rear derailleurs, Weinmann brakes and wheels. 5744360.   1976 or 1977?
38 Mark Gentry Model unknown: Red, w/gold pin striping. Believed to have been sold as a frameset  5749131 Stated as having been purchased and built in 1984.
39 Bill Schilling Austro-Daimler red 5754649  Purchased used in 1983
Jeff Day
ADS: Suntour V-GT Luxe rear, Compe V f der, Pro Comp freewheel. SR Apex cranks, Weinmann brakes & rims 5755814 1977 ?
41 Phil Chin "Steyr-Daimler-Puch" (note these decals) Vent Noir 58cm Reynolds 531 DB, matte black, black Shimano DuraAce, Shimano Dropouts picture 5766720 ?
Second owner
42 Marius Suiram AD SL: 21” dark blue Reynolds 531 frame; SunTour shifters and SunTour V GT Luxe front derailleuer/ Suntour Spirt front derailleur; SR APEX crank set; Weinmann center pull brakes and levers; Weinmann rims with Normandy hubs (marked 44 76); SR stem & bars. 5776027 1977?
43   SL: blue mixte pictures 5776157 bought new in late 1970s in NYC
44 Barbara A Kretzschmar A-D SL: Salzburg-blue mixte  5776206 Original owner, purchased  May 1977 in Brooklyn NY
45 Bob Sabin ADSL: 23” dark blue Reynolds 531 frame. Original components: SunTour shifters and SunTourV GT derailleuers; Weinmann center pull brakes and levers; SR stem & bars; chrome front fork & crown. Brooks saddle  pictures 5786299 Orig owner
46 Bruce Luecke AD SL mixte: Salzburg Blue.  Weinmann rims and brakes, SunTour shifters and derailleurs.  5804267 1979 (?)
47 Nathan Wood
Superleicht 25” Reynolds 531 in "Bordeaux" red w Campagnolo dropouts & NR Group, Mavic Record du Monde de l'Heure tubular rims (700c), Regina Oro 5sp 13-17 freewheel, Cinelli bar & stem, Bernard Hinault Turbo saddle.
5808118 ?
48 John Wolken AD-SL: Reynolds 531 frame, dark metallic blue with gold pin striping. 5815835 Orig owner, purchased in Omaha, Nebraska Spring 1980
49 Martyn Drage AS D: deep red/ gold lined  5817457 1978 ?
50 Ben Cluff AD SL Salzburg Blue, SR handlebars & stem,
Weinmann brakes, Suntour shifter & derailleurs, Normandy hubs, Weinmann rims, Birmalux seat post, MKS pedals.
5819740 1978?
51 Luke Schriver AD Superleicht  "beautiful yellow with dark maroon labeling" 5833081 1978 ?
52 Herrmann Stein Puch  5833185  
53 Chris Fluke Puch Royal Force Reynolds 531 frame and fork; Shimano dropouts; silver 5836141 late seventies?
54 Paul Dopulos Inter 10 Deep maroon w/ gold metal flake, gold pin striping  5840145 Estimate 1978
55   Vent Noir: flat back, dura-ace group, gold lettering and striping 5869530  
56 Stuart Osborn  AD SE red with gold striping  5888020, 5898020, 5988020, or 5998020 (second and third digits are not fully stamped)  
57 Sharron Dragovic AD  21” frame, decaled “made in Austria“.  burgundy red, no brazed on cable guides. Reynolds 531 tubing, all Campagnolo components. 5893814 ?
58 Dominique Bouten Puch Vent Noir. Shimano Dura Ace parts, 1976 (crankset AD) or 1977 (hubs BA). SR World Champion bars & stem. 5905650 ?
59 Bill Simmons Vent Noir ll: Smoked chrome with Campy  5944201 Original owner,
purchased in 1980
60 Donald Trevor Tyson Vent Noir II. Steyr-Daimler-Puch on frame, with Austro-Daimler headtube badge. Reynolds 531, 23'’ frame. Smoked Chrome finish with gold pinstriping. Stronglight Campy headset, Shimano dropouts. 599(hole in bb)525 1978 or ‘79?.
61   Inter 10:  Burgundy paint with gold lettering and pin-striping. Reynolds 531, Weinmann brakes, Maillard hubs, Weinmann rims. Stronglight crank, Huret derailleurs, Atom 600 pedals. 5997285  
62   Inter 10: maroon, with Huret components 5997312  
63   Inter-10: maroon, 531 Tubing, with gold lug striping, 58 cm 5997467  
64 Jeff Nelson AD SLE    Same specs as sn 6242586 except Stronglight TS crankset.      6001302 1978?
65 Don Fox AD-SLE blue frame 6001522  
66 Kirt Murray AD SLE, dark blue with gold lettering, Reynolds 531 butted frame tubing, no braze-ons for front derailleur or cables, but eyelets for fenders and for the rear derailleur are included. GB handlebars and stem, handlebars have engraving of a bicycle racer and of a globe of the world showing Europe, Asia and Africa. Weinmann brake levers and Semi-Automatic brakes, Huret derailleurs, Stronglight TS crankset. 6003946 Est. 1978

originally sold by Nims Cycles of Ames, Iowa.

67 Doug Tally
AD-SLE 23" (700x28c) navy blue, gold trim, Derailleurs & Shifters: Huret
Brakes: Weinemann Center Pull,
Crankset: Stronglight TS
6004205 Single Owner
believed 1978.
Receipt: 3-15-1980, $300
Bike World
Dearborn, MI
68 T.l. de Bruijn Steyr Daimler Puch Vent Noir, transparent red, gold pinstriping, frame size 58.5 cm, full Reynolds 531 DB, chromed forkends & crown. No braze-ons. First edition black Dura-Ace group, silver hubs, with Shimano Crane rear, black anodized GB stem and engraved GB bar. The frame stickers mentions all three names! AS-logo on the rear stays. 6017006 1974?
69 Nacho Cuevas Austro-Daimler Puch 6102/2  
70 Cam Bortz AD Vent Noir II Smoked chrome, Campag Gran Sport group with three arm cranks, clamp on top tube brakes clips. Picture 6019873  
71 Joe Vaillan AD Inter 10. 60cm-ish. Reynolds 531 db
Maroon, gold lettering and pin striping, Shimano ST drops. Picture
6023255 ?
72   AD "Team", Red with gold pin striping. 6057826

Bought new in 1984 as a frame set

73 Matthew Carter AD Bright red Reynolds 531 frame and fork. Campagnolo headset & dropouts 6057865 ?
74 Alan Michael Ultima purple 60xx859  
75 Rebecca Deutsch AD Superleicht, pale yellow,
full Campagnolo Record.
6163952 "1976"
76 Martin Cohen Bike and AD history documented HERE 6164001

May 7, 1981

77 John Adams Vent Noir II smoked chrome Reynolds 531, Campagnolo dropouts. Blue aluminum head badge. Campy GS compnents. 56 cm c-to-c 6164018 Purchased in Richmond Va. around 1980.
78   Vent Noir II: Smoked Chrome Reynolds 531 Frame, Campagnolo Dropouts. Aluminum head badge. 6164019  1978?
79 Dan Sharp Vent Noir II All Campy mostly GS. 6182836  Bought from George's Lightweight Bikes, Boise, Idaho, 1980
(for $750)
80   Vent Noir II: Smoked Chrome Reynolds 531 Frame. Campagnolo Dropouts. Decal head badge. 6182841 Est. 1979
81 David Weaver AD Vent Noir II 25” Reynolds 531 frame, smoked chrome finish and Campy Nuovo GS components. 6186242 Purchased on Oct. 3, 1980 from Recycle Bicycle Shop, Leucadia, CA
82 Mike Bishop Vent Noir II: Smoked Chrome Reynolds 531 tubing, Shimano dropouts 6186234

Original owner. Purchased 1980,
May be a 1979 model

83 Karl Edwards Vent Noir ll: Smoked chrome with Campy GS Pictures 6186241 ?
84 Tim Fricker AD Vent Noir II 63cm full Campy Nuovo Gran Sport group, with the 5 arm version of the crank. 6186250 1979?
85 Paul Altenhofen Vent Noir II: 61cm, smoked chrome, 531 frame and fork,
full Campagnolo Gran Sport group with the 5-arm crank, Cinelli bar and stem.
6186299 ?
86 Jim Heade
Vent Noir II: 61cm, smoked chrome, 531 frame & forks, full Campagnolo Gran Sport group, Rigida 700c rims, Cinelli bar and stem
6186309 Est. 1979-80
87   Ultima: Dusty pink Reynolds 531 frame. Chrome campy dropouts. Chrome fork crown. Brake cable braze-ons on top tube. Chrome chain stay. No chrome on seat stay caps. 6189256 Est. 1979
88 Radoi Ovidiu Currently set up as city bike but may have been a drop bar racer style?  06189360C ?
89 Carl Werner Ultima: 55cm, red w gold decals. Fork crown & chainstay chrome. Frameset came with Campy BB and head set. 6195103

From Paul's Bicycle Shop, Urbana, Illinois 9/3/83

90 "lobo42" Ultima: 59 cm, all 531, rich red color w  gold pin-striping. Campy components except "Simplex" shifters. 6195112 1981?
91   Ultima: from Steyr-Daimler-Puch on frame but with Austro-Daimler plate,   Reynolds 531, lavender w/chrome underneath, Campagnolo Super Record, Cinelli Unicanitor saddle 6200099

Estimated 1977 (per Pat 77 read der.)

92 Alex Kapugi AD red, with some of it's original Campy NR parts remaining. 6200121 1978-9?
93   Inter 10: Burgundy paint with gold lettering and pin-striping. Reynolds 531. Suntour Superbe brakes, Campy Record hubs, Rigida rims, Nervar crank, Huret derailleurs, Suntour Superbe pedals.  6217040  
94 Jeff Rauh AD SL Reynolds 531 frame, color purple, NERVAR crank set. 6217088

Purchased in Champaign-Urbana, IL
about 1980.

95 Craig Kleber AD SLE dark blue metallic w/gold lettering, Reynolds 531 "butted" tubing, Shimano dropouts, Huret dérailleurs, Weinmann brakes, Nervar cranks, Regina Corsa FW, Selle Italia saddle, Weinmann rims, engraved handlebars w/ globe 1 side and cyclist on other, Semperit original tires (now replaced) 6217384

orig owner, 1980/81

96   Vent Noir:  smoke-chrome, Shimano engraved 600 parts 6230321  
97 Bradley Baumgartner Vent Noir, chrome Reynolds 531, 58cm. Campagnolo Grand Sport including headset, seat post, pedals.  6239044

Crank is stamped

98 Bruce Luecke   AD SLE Reynolds 531 ,Nervar crank, Weinmann rims and brakes (date stamp is 01 79 on both front and rear brakes), Huret derailleurs and shifters (date stamps of 0579 and 0679).   Salzburg blue w/gold lug striping  6242604

Bought 1981, believe 1980 model.

99 Paul Stankiewicz   62454??

Late 1970s?

100 Matthew Lero A-D SE red with gold pin striping. No Braze-ons 6263224  
101 Scott Maclean  A-D SLE 6269928  
102 Russ Conley  AD SLE dark blue metallic w/gold lettering, Reynolds 531, Huret dérailleurs, Weinmann brakes & rims, Nervar cranks, Regina Corsa FW, Selle Italia seat, engraved handlebars w/ globe 1 side and cyclist on other. 6301206  
103   Ultima, sold as a bare frameset 634C692


104 Kevin Adams AD-SL 6345048  
105   SLE:  Blue frame, Reynolds 531 w/ gold lug striping, brake cable braze-ons on top tube and Shimano dropouts,
Huret components, Nervar crank, Weinmann “Semi-Automatic” side pull brakes w/ drilled levers, Weinmann dimpled rims with Atom hubs

Purchased in 1978, Providence RI area

106   Ultima: AD Blue frame. Chrome campy dropouts. All chrome fork. Brake
cable braze-ons on top tube. Chrome chain stay. Chrome seat stay caps.
6258359  1980?
107 Jason Miller AD SE red w/gold pinstriping. 6285844 The brakes are stamped 1-1979 so 1979?
108   Inter 10:  59cm.deep burgundy paint with gold lettering and pin-striping. Reynolds 531 tubing. The rear dropouts are Suntour. 6269378 confirmed 1979
109 Ned Shepard AD SLE  blue with Huret, Nervar, Weinmann, Reynolds 531 6287947 Orig. owner purchased Oct 30, 1980.
110 Thomas Gordon AD SLE: white frame, Reynolds 531 w/ green striping, Huret components, Nervar crank 6301174 Late 1970s ?
111 Bethia Waterman AD SLE dark blue metallic w/gold lettering, Reynolds 531, Huret dérailleurs, Weinmann brakes & rims, Nervar cranks, Regina Corsa FW, engraved handlebars w/ globe 1 side and cyclist on other. 6301328 bought in Rochester NY 1980
112   Superleicht:  beige-color, Modolo Equipe brake set, all other is Campag Record. 6450144 ?
113 Stuart Harding Michelle  58cm from center BB to top of seatpost. Puch 2500 tubing, seamed BB.  Head badge and decals all from AD set.  6459028  
114 Kent Ferrell Olympian, 58cm AD headbadge. 531 frame w Shimano dropouts. Nervar cranks, Huret derailleurs, Weinmann brakes & rims, Normandy hubs, 5 speed freewheel, headset has cast in "T". Can't identify seat post . 6459505 ?
115   Vent Noir: Reynolds 531 decal w/ TI logo lower left, fork decal w/ TI upper left on the fork. 658276 Owner thinks mid to late 1970s?
116 Mono D’Angelo Inter 10. 22" Burgundy with gold trim accents, Reynolds 531  6771120 Bought as frame new in about 1980
117 John Wilson A-D Vent Noir ll in dark chrome w Campy Gran Sport group & 5 spoke crank, brazed-on top tube cable guides. 3 large horizontal slots in bbkt  6799240 1979?
118 Jon Van Allen Vent Noir II: Smoked Chrome Reynolds 531 frame & fork, Campagnolo drop outs, brake calipers, hubs. Cinelli bar & stem, Shimano 105 drive train. 6799271 Mid to late ’70’s?
119 Scott Dedenbach Vent Noir II serial number smoked chrome finish. Reynolds 531, Campagnolo dropouts.  Campagnolo components  6799298.  
120 Stuart Harding Olympian 61cm.  Purchased as a frameset 6836885


121 Rick Collin Vent Noir 25” Full 531 with Huret Duopar Titan rear & Huret Success front, TA triple crank, Weinmann Carerras. Regina Oro FW 14-32. Catalog picture 6918471

Purchased 5.8.1983 at Boerum Hill Cycles Brooklyn, NY

122 Ryan Ryan Puch Ultima. 61 cm Puch on seat stay tops and both sides of fork crown. Campy dropouts.  6964932 ?
123 Thomas Kim AD-Puch Olympian, cream/pearl in color with blue accents around the lugs.  6971283 Early 1980s?
124 Stuart Harding Puch Vent Noir, large 'F' stamped on the BB. decals say both AD and Puch.  61cm. Purchased as a frameset  6978468  
125 Stephen Zlato  SLE: Puch head badge, Reynolds 531 three main tubes, Dark burgundy with gold Austro-Daimler Steyr decals and lug striping, Huret Challenger front and Duopar Eco rear derailleurs with Huret shifter, Weinmann brakes. 6978542 Estimated date of manufacture: Brakes and hubs are both stamped 1981.
126 Gerson Rodriguez  Austro-Daimler PUCH  6978775  
127 Dale Klanchnik AD SLE, Puch head badge, Reynolds 531 3 tubes, dark blue w gold decals and lug striping, gold SLE on top tube, "Austro Daimler made by Puch" on downtube, Huret derailleurs with Huret shifters, Weinmann brakes, Maillard hubs, Atom 77 freewheel, Gipiemme dropouts. 6978833 Estimated date of manufacture?
 Maillard hubs
stamped 82
128 Chris Ward SLE 6987745

1981-82 ?

129 Nathan Wood PUCH Alpina  25” Puch 2700 frameset in blue, Huret shifters & derailleurs and Weinmann brakes rims + Huret/Sachs odometer. 6989844 ?
130 Matthew Moriarity  Puch Austro Daimler Maxima 6989276  
131 John J. Petrucelli Austro Daimler Maxima, Weinmann rims & brakes, Suntour derailleurs , SR custom crank 7000371  Purchased 1984 from Spoke and Wheel Bike Shop Bridgeport, Connecticut
132   Ultima SL: Smoked chrome Reynolds 531 SL frame. Drilled campy dropouts. Sloping fork crown. 7182478 1982?
133 John Wilmerding Vent Noir Smoked black-chrome Reynolds 531 frame & fork. Huret derailleurs & shifters. Cinelli bars and stem. 'Puch' on front badge and pressed into the top of the rear struts. Weinmann Carrera side-pull brakes. 'TA' crank. 7188646 Original owner, purchased 1984 at Visentin Bike Pro Shop in Oyster Bay, NY
134 Dan Day Puch Royal Force 7269087  
135 Steven Pattee Puch Austro-Daimler SLE: Smoked chrome w/gold lug lining, Reynolds 531,  “Steyr” “A-D”, “Puch” front badge & seat tube decals, “Made by Puch Austro-Daimler” down tube decal, “A-D SLE” top tube decal. Original "2600 Manganese Alloy Tubes” on forks. Nervar crank, Campy Nuovo Gran Sport brakes, shifters and derailleur. 7269191

Bought new 1984 or 85 at The Bike Shop, Norridge, Illinois for $600+

136 Vic Cockcroft “A-D SLE” top tube decal. Smoked chrome w/gold lug lining, Reynolds 531, “Steyr” “A-D”, “Puch” front badge & seat tube decals, “Made by Puch Austro-Daimler” down tube decal, . '2600 Manganese Alloy Tubes' decal on forks. Nervar drillium crank. 7269219

original owner, Graham Vos bought the frame from the Austrian Pavilion at the Rand Easter Show (Johannesburg South Africa) in 1982/83.

137 Joe Blake Pathfinder A-D by Puch. grey with gold letters & Suntour components. 7278716 ?
138 Ron Jones Puch Austro Daimler Pacifica 7280801  
139 Kim Johnson AD Ultima SL Smoked chrome Reynolds 531 SL tubing. Drilled campy dropouts. Sloping fork crown. Complete Mavic gruppo. 7282868 (circa 1982)
140 Tony Hall AD~Puch Ultima SL: Smoked chrome Reynolds 531, drilled Campy Dropouts, Campy Record Gruppo, ‘Puch’ pressed into top of rear stays and top of front fork crown. Puch front badge. Drilled out rear Campagnolo dropouts. 61mm frame. 7282879 Purchased Summer 1982, Smith Bike Works, Troy, MI.
Original owner
141 Eric Pommerer AD Ultima SL Smoked chrome Reynolds 531 SL tubing. Drilled campy dropouts. Sloping fork crown.  7282877 Purchased March, 1985 in Scotia, NY
142 William Davis Vent Noir SLE Smoked chrome Reynolds 531 frame, Campy downtube shifters,  front and rear derailleurs, Nervar crank, Weinman side pull brakes with drilled levers, no head badge, drilled out sprockets. 7415895  
143 Lea Owen-Keenan AD Puch mixte, maroon, 21.5” frame. Pathfinder? "2600 Manganese Alloy Tubes"  7427070 ?
144 Keith Rollin Puch AD Pathfinder Maroon Suntour components with Weinman rims. 7429496 Bought at Jack Taylor Cycles, Nottingham 1980s


Model 210:  blue metallic, Suntour SVX group, Reynolds 500 Cromotube 


Phil Brown

Puch Austro-Daimler Model 260, Dk purple, Puch head badge & A-D logos on front forks, Reynolds 501 chromalloy tubing, Shimano Altus derailleurs, Weinmann semi-automatic brakes


from Bryants, Norwich, England approx 1983

Louis Nel

Puch DS50K 


Dave Garcia

Inter 10 1982 purchased at Livermore Schwinn Shop

8311502 Orig owner 1982

Ken Greenshields

Puch Maxima

009517 (under bbkt)



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