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Hand cut lug by Richard Moon.
Click image to visit his web site.

Classic lug & component makers

Campagnolo, CinelliColumbus, Bocama,  British,  Malaguti,  Milremo, Nervex, Prugnat, Reynolds, Vagner, Zeus

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Contemporary "keepers of the flame"


Importer of Dedacciai tubing,
Walter lugs, fixtures & tools,  etc.

Ceeway UK 
Resellers of tubing, Everest & other lugs and supplies

Henry James

USA designer & supplier of tubing, lugs and tools.

Kirk Pacenti  
USA designer of lugs and fork crowns


The most eloquent defender
of traditional lug construction

Richard Sachs

Has made his designs into lugs that are for sell to builders in the classic mode...

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