Updated 10.27.2006

Another talented graduate from the Witcomb USA venture, Chris now
is famous for his industry trend setting "Fat Chance" mountain bikes...
but before that he was a road bike builder in the great tradition.
And, you will agree after viewing these pics from his late 70's brochure,
with a few of his own creative twists!

Chance2.jpg (52528 bytes)
This was a stainless steel headbadge, brazed to head tube
then masked and polished after painting... Sweet!

Chance4.jpg (62806 bytes)   Chance1.jpg (362420 bytes)
Left: Clean seat cluster area.  Right: A full Super Record bike
Chance3.jpg (160140 bytes)       Chance5.jpg (52223 bytes)
Left: Head lug with star motif.   Right:   Stainless steel drop outs

More contemporary bike, built under contract by Serotta Cycles.

full_rh_small.jpg front_34_small.jpg head_badge_small.jpg front_lh_small.jpg fork_crown_small.jpg
fork_crown_lh_small.jpg fork_crown_rear2_small.jpg fork_crown_rear_small.jpg downtube_decals_small.jpg seat_post_binder_rh_small.jpg
rear_brake_small.jpg crank_arm_rh_small.jpg rear_der_area_small.jpg bb_shell_top_small.jpg chainstay_lh_small.jpg
rear_drop_lh_small.jpg seat_post_binder_lh_small.jpg full_lh_small.jpg

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