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Advertising, packaging, promotions, photos, cartoons, etc.
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Box art from
Universal Super 68
brake set!
Oro_fw.jpg (105658 bytes)
Regina ORO

a Legend!
Cinelcat.jpg (219903 bytes)
catalog cover
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col_T&Hs.jpg (4181 bytes)
A parable on wheels!
wpe8.jpg (48810 bytes)
wpe3E4.jpg (171105 bytes)
Two illustrations from Colnago catalogs....
wpe91.jpg (125892 bytes)
...they are not truly vintage,
but they belong here!
wpe95.jpg (22235 bytes)
Dramatic Tire Art!

Stucchi poster!


One for the ladies!


Frank Patterson..
pen and ink master!

1936 Cycling cartoon featuring tandem designs!

Phillips bicycles shows an idyllic scene!
Hopper.jpg (179490 bytes)
The Hopper
Bicycle Co.
Bw_fw.jpg (104337 bytes)
A freewheel
box as art?
James_52.jpg (241383 bytes)
James Cycles 1952
wpeB2.jpg (195343 bytes)
1936 Raleigh
cover art...
wpe24.jpg (109910 bytes)
Cycle of the Year, 1936!
wpe87.jpg (50492 bytes)
The Raleigh girl!


6dayart.jpg (287087 bytes)
6 Day Race Promo art
Cartoon1.jpg (45116 bytes)
6 Day Cartoon
vw_van1.jpg (119157 bytes)
Art from the hippy

racing days!

Rebecca Twigg wears helmets!

1950s style cycle girl

Joe E Brown goes racing!
wpe35B.jpg (28465 bytes)
wpeAD.jpg (59622 bytes)
A wonderful sense of design!
wpe86.jpg (180815 bytes)
A more modern but zany "assemblage!":

Lightweight and aerodynamic...
wpeA9.jpg (41076 bytes)
The French style!
wpeAF.jpg (146304 bytes)
Rigidex 35 (1935)

with gear chart!

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