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Yankee ingenuity for lightweight bicycles

Updated 2.6.2021

Saddles, cranks, hubs, pedals, seat posts, headsets, etc. Designed in the USA
Updated 8.12.2018

Facet BioCam

Genius or just plain goofy?
Updated 3.31.2013

Hi-E Engineering
Eccentric but compelling hubs,
pedals, rims & frames.

Updated 10.29.2016

Pino Morroni
Components, frames & exotica
Updated 6.11.2013

Chris KING
Starting in 1975 with head sets
and now offering much more.
Updated 3.31.2013

Phil Wood
Early designer of sealed bearing hubs,
then bbkts, then more...
Updated 6.18.2017


The second iteration of BioCam...
wpeAA.jpg (7015 bytes)
Hubs, rollers, seat posts and wool jerseys
Updated 2.6.2021