Gardena, California

Produced from 1973 - 1976, one of the first production titanium  bikes (along with Flema from Germany and Speedwell of the UK.) Barry Harvey, British/Canadian track cycling star and entrepreneur  first designed a titanium bicycle while working with Harvey Aluminum in California. This first frame was made in 1971 by Albert Eisentraut.  In 1972, Barry and Tom Kelsey started the Titan Cycles company which then attracted Teledyne Linair as an investor. 

Original patent (Courtesy Craig Nicol)

Updated 11.27.2022


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An informal gathering of
serial numbers to determine
approximate manufacturing dates.  

Teledyne frameset
pictures courtesy Terry Zmrhal 


John Reynolds bike with frame set #00005


Tres' #000232
 Just under 15 pounds (with all 1976 vintage Campy SR Ti parts, Regina titanium c
hain & FW, Hi-E 200g rims, CLB Al cables, first edition Teledyne decal set, etc.).


Teledyne  #000387 refurbished/restored by Jim Merz

Formerly on display at First Flight Bicycle Shop, Statesville, NC

 Felix Chiu's  #000779
Stefan Karsten's #000834
"...found the frame as NOS... in Belgium"


Bob Freeman's "dialed in" Titan  #001615

Bill Robert's second generation Titan


Ron Scarin's 1975 track bike
Marked  "SCARIN2", stolen in 1976 at the Encino Velodrome.
Please contact us if you know where this bike is!


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