Art Stump bicycles
Special thanks to James Holly & David White
Update 10.21.2019

Serial number Size Year built Made for Finish Features Location/disposition
1     Art's personal Black chrome   Pictures
3 65? 1973 Donald C. Mitchell Black chrome "DCM" in lugs Now owned by David White. Pictures
4   1973 Robert G McClellan Green paint "RGMc" initials on the head tube For owner of company where Art had castings made. 
  64 1976 "Joe"? Maroon paint "Jesus" and various crosses worked into lugs. Owned by John Blanchard, Mission Viejo, CA
7   1976 Kurt Gary Blue paint "KG" initials on head tube Mar Vista, CA 
8 54     Black chrome Named the "Vivian" referencing a particular  beautiful woman Owned by Chris Gonzales, Carmel, CA  Pictures
      Collier   "JC" lug cutouts Never finished by Art, sold to Jim Cunningham of Cyclart
Picture unpainted  
10   1977 Vivi  Witala  Blue paint TT bike Santa Monica, CA.  Pictures 
      Silas Lum Black chrome Chinese motif Picture #1, #2#3#4
      Bugatti #1     Possibly in England, ordered by Bugatti restorer   Info
      Bugatti #2 Blue paint   Artís personal- Sold to another Bugatti restorer in England.
Now in Mullin Museum, Oxnard CA

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