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 A quote from catalog;
      "As a youngster, Richard Sachs could not easily separate his enthusiasm for bicycle racing from the interest he had in the equipment used by the top athletes of the day.  With a balance of dedication and perseverance, he pursued his competitive cycling as well as his choice of a frame builder's life.  His dream of learning to build bicycles that could, one day, rival the machines he so revered led him to spend a year in London as an apprentice to Witcomb Lightweight Cycles.  There he would cultivate the basic skills that have become the foundation of his successful career. More than 25 years have passed, and Richard continues to zealously combine his racing background with his extensive frame building experience - and has gained respect as one of the finest builders of custom bicycles in the world."

1970s graphics.
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 1970's Sachs with a subtle fade paint:

"Frame #2405 was made in late '76 as a 'display' frame for the (NY) International Bicycle Show, which was held in Feb. 1977 at the Coliseum at Columbus Circle. It was my 240th frame."                                                                                                   R.Sachs

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Signature frame from early 80's catalog; B & W pic shows cutouts

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At the NY Show early 1980s?

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Color variations

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25th Anniv. frame

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Details of lugs prior to brazing, the frame tacking jig 

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 25th Anniv. bike & frame

Road bike

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Team Issue CycloCross bike

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More recent work

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