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Updated 6.11.2013

Pino Morroni with one of the Pi-Behr titanium bikes,
brazed with lugs of titanium with magnesium parts.

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Photos courtesy of Mr. Morroni

     Long before aftermarket lightweight gadgetry was readily available, Pino Morroni was working on innovative ways to lighten and improve bicycles. He is pictured above with his lugged and brazed Titanium track bike, the only such bike in existence!  In cooperation with Cecil Behringer, he devised a special "silver solder" type method to join the temperamental titanium tubes!
Pino was highly educated as a tool maker, so in those days it was theoretician, inventor, manufacturer. Then he worked as a machinist for Chrysler for most of his adult life. Pino could seem “over the top” to most bike riders, but he was a hurricane of fresh ideas to the bike builders." Dave Porter on the Classic Rendezvous Google group

     Pino Morroni passed away in 1999.
His innovative mind and resourcefulness will be remembered and missed in the
world of sport bicycling.

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Pino holding rider
beginning test

of his complete bike
with Dr. Conconi.

Velodrome E.U.R. Roma


Pino riding

Pino watching Rossi
(32 times Champion
of Italy)
& stoker test his  prototype tandem.
 (look closely at the arrangement
of tubes.)

Pino_3.jpg (61053 bytes)

Pino's special bottom bracket..
Ahead of his time again!

Pinobbkt.jpg (66261 bytes)

Pino's titanium handle bar stem


 Titanium lug set

Morroni seat post
 on the Speedplay Museum Flickr site
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Cambio Corsa equipped bike
 Pino was demonstrating
at the bike show in 1980s


Pino & Cecil Behringer's titanium fork
photos courtesy Richard Sachs


Quick release wheel skewer (10 photos)
Photos courtesy Mark Agree


Triple nut wheels
Photos courtesy Mark Agree


A Recollection
by David Patrick

Branded bicycles by Pino Morroni

"Like an airplane", complete with 3 green mice.

Decal set, courtesy Glenn Airoldi   

Wayne Bingham's
Telavio bike





Telavio tandem
as shown at the Americaine show
at the International Velodrome, Bloomer Park, Rochester Hills, Michigan
Courtesy Tim Potter

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