Redwood City, California                        updated 8.12.2018

     Peter Johnson is a true Renaissance man.  He was a top racer in the 1970s, he made bicycles and frames for himself and others. He is a highly skilled & in-demand machinist today with a wide variety of projects, but he retains a love for bicycling.

1970s photo from 1980 Wheelman magazine 

Road bike with extensive component "Drillium" on Chuck Schmidt's Velo-Retro site.


A large sized road bike as displayed at Velo Rendezvous in Pasadena.

 Un-painted bottom bracket shell.


The completed above bike (owned by Guy Apple) and displayed at the
Cirque du Cyclisme in 2005 and studio shots by Ken Toda.

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Photo Number 7 Photo Number 8 Photo Number 9 Photo Number 10 Photo Number 11 Photo Number 12

Tran Tran's strikingly beautiful frame set
Photos by Chris Wimpey


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