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This is the graphic design used for the
transfers on the top "Dave Moulton" frames
(vs the Fuso brand, see below.)

Updated 9.6.2010

Dave's web site telling his history
Moulton bicycle registry HERE

     Dave Moulton started his frame building career in England and then moved to the USA. He built frames in New Jersey for the Fraysse family's "Paris Sport" marque before moving on to southern California.
      In the early 1980s he introduced a more affordable model under the Fuso label. Many USA frame builders consider Dave their mentor and a "master builder." He has since retired from frame building completely and is a successful author.

   Dave at work

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Notice the tapping hammer at ready

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Paul Carbutt on a Dave Moulton in the 1975 Milk race, UK

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A top-of-the-line Dave Moulton "Special Professional Road"
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This same frame assembled into a complete bike
gallery of pics HERE

Mark Ritz's custom Dave Moulton


Dave Moulton's 
"FUSO" frames

(Molten metal ... Moulton... get it?) A semi-custom frame at a lower price than the full custom Moultons yet retain the build quality and function of the one-offs...

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The Fuso brochure
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Paint schemes available on Fuso frames

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Spec Sheet for Fuso

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Hal Simmons, Boise, Idaho,
owns this full bore "FRX"

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