Silk Hope ~ McLean Photo Gallery
Updated 2.12.2016

SILK HOPE #02055


Dan Borden's very early Silk Hope with an odd serial number #402 9081 

Web master's first Silk Hope road frame, #17105

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Silk Hope frame circa 1975

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Mike Schmidt's Silk Hope  #18016
(this frame has been refinished; note atypical braze-ons for it's age and addition
of McLean transfers, something not uncommon for Silk Hope owners to do.)

Silk Hope tandem #23047

Sadiq Gill's  Silk Hope #18066
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Web master's Silk Hope touring bike #19087

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Thomas Adams' touring #12097
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Ken Toda's Silk Hope #21038

Ken Wallace's McLean

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Mike Dayton's Silk Hope #28048

Scott Swimmer's Silk Hope touring 1979
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McLean tandem built for Mr. & Mrs. Pat Patterson
(this tandem currently resides in the NC Transportation Museum in  Spencer, NC)

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     "This was my only bike since about '79 when I had the bike built for me by McLean.  It is a racing frame and it was an adventure seeing McLean's shop, talking with him about what I was looking for in a bike, being measured and ultimately picking the frame up."
     "I'd gotten to know McLean when he was working at the Clean Machine in Chapel Hill in the early 70's when I was first getting interested in bikes and just hanging out watching McLean work in the back of the shop assembling and fixing bikes."
     "I was a young aspiring racer and the Clean Machine had the greatest bikes in the area.  When he was there, he was always a quiet but friendly presence in the shop with a sharp and dry wit, an unusual and distinctive voice and a sly smile. When I got my first job as an architect/intern, the McLean was my first major purchase."             
                                                                                                Roman Stankus, March 2004

Mike Dayton's touring bicycle #12049
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Patrick Craft's Columbus KL road frame #M20049

Neil Gunnar Berg's #M05030

John Provetero's Perfect Pleasure #M50080


Jack Gabus' #M17110


Billy Boden's McLean frame #10101
Photos courtesy Karen Rawls

Tom Sander's #M26081

  Wayne Bingham's McLean #M02012


Steve Meier's  McLean #M16022

 McLean #22032


Jeremy Schott's McLean bike #M29032

Mike Kone's model Perfect Pleasure #M28062


Jack Gabus' #M16092

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