MASI USA  Bicycle Frame serial numbers
Placed in ascending serial number order.

Updated 3/14/2005                   Special thanks to Bob Hovey


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Fork Crown Seat Tube Decals Serial number

Frame Size

Estimated year of manufacture or orig. purchase?

*see notes below


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 Duane Kennard  Silver color, came with ttt Masi saddle & ttt  Masi logo bars. C TP   1S19 A57  built towards the end of 1973.
was Nick Zatezalo Burgundy repaint C TP   MC28 58 1973
On eBay Unpainted C TP   MC29 58 1973
On eBay  Red C TP WC MC42  58 1973
On eBay Silver Grey C TP WC MC58 59 1973
John Howison Light blue metallic, all original C TP   MC72 59 1973
On eBay Tom Kellogg repaint C TP WC 160 MC56 1974
? Light blue C TP WC 179  MC60 1974
Steve Goodwyn Light blue metallic C TP WC 192  MC60 1974
Steve Wheeler Burgundy C TP   222  MC54 1974
on eBay Light blue C TP WC 241  MC55 1974
Charles Andrews "Sammontana" yellow,  trick parts. C TP WC 265   1974
? Champagne repaint, brazed-on top tube cable guides, brazed-on shift bosses C TP WC 277  MC53 1974
? Light blue C F WC 335   1974
on eBay Red repaint, top tube brazeons C TP WC 382  MC60 1974
on eBay Yellow repaint,  brazed-on (interrupted) TT cable guides and shift lever bosses, "Faliero" panto stem, drilled chainrings C F WC 406  MC58 1974
on eBay Blue metallic C F VF 409  MC58 1974
Jimmy Katynski Silver, full panto parts all orig. w/milled dropouts C FS VF 423  MC57 1974
on eBay Blue metallic, flag ST bands, twin plate crown C TP VF 440  MC62 1974
Steve Bruce  Turquoise, "Faliero Masi" on left rear of top tube C TP   449  MC62  1974  from a shop in Utah
Dan Borden Champagne repaint (Baylis). C F WC 453 MC62 1974
Rob O'Callaghan Red.  Custom order, original owners initials (GL) on bottom bracket C F VF 485  MC62GL 1974
on eBay Light silver metallic, bare chrome fork, TT brazeons, ST WB brazeons. C FS WC 488 no stamp 1974
Ray Homiski Black, probable repaint, braze-on TT guides and shift bosses C FS WC 540 MC62 1974
David Goerndt   Repaired metallic green, Henry James head lugs, braze-on shifter bosses  C F WC no serial # MC59 1974/75
Scott Smith Lt. blue metallic, C TP HF 670  MC58  1975
Rick Robbins Repainted by Cyclart Green metal flake, gold lug lining, chrome forks & stays C F WC 672 MC58 1975
Seen on eBay Red C F HF 727 MC50 1975
Jack Gabus Chrome plated, now being restored to Champagne. F WC 818 MC56 1975
Seen on eBay Steel Grey, painted crown F HF 836   1975
Charles Andrews  Tomato red C F HF,VF 847  MC56  1975
John Squires Dubois lugs, lt. blue metallic repaint C     922  MC60 1975
Seen on eBay Repaint, light blue, no decals.  Painted crown, no fill color in lug windows. C F   955 MC61 1975
 Greg Brooks Red-Orange C     990  MC61 1975
on eBay Champagne, C F HF 1000  MC63 1975
John Jorgensen Lt. blue metallic. 
Brazed on shifters, Columbus/531 mix, milled dropouts
C SF VF M4  MC55 1975
John Jorgensen Sprint (track), turquoise, Columbus PS, drilled rear tips, no signature C   VF,HF M5  MC55 1975
 Dale Phelps Original two-color paint (red w/ yellow head tube), milled rear dropouts. C SF VF 01  MC61 1975
 Dennis Stover Champagne metallic original paint, 1st gen. SR C     028  MC65 1975
on eBay Lt. blue metallic C F VF 035  MC58 1975
 Terry McClintock Lt. metallic blue C F   038  MC58 1975
? Blue metallic repaint C F WC 041   MC58 1975
Steve Goodwin Light blue metallic, flag bands C F VF 044   MC58 1975
on eBay Purple repaint C F WC 059   MC60 1975
Morgan Fletcher Unpainted, brazeons. Dubois lugs.  Being restored C F   065   MC60 1975?


 Red, both flag bands,  IC lugs




  MC 55


Dan Ulwelling

Spanish blue repaint (Baylis). Former NY Coliseum show bike (in clear coat). Dubois lugs






Dale Brown

Orig. pearl yellow & NR equip, Dubois lugs






on eBay Light blue, IC lugs C F HF 0207 MC58 Sept 1975

Chuck Wagner

 Turquoise, refinished by Joe Bell. IC lugs.




MC58 1974 or 1975.
on eBay Red, IC lugs C F HF 0211 MC58 1975
Bill McNight Red, Italian fork, IC lugs C   VF 0275   1975
on eBay Light blue C SF HF 0296 MC59 1975
on eBay Red C SF HF 0300   1976
on eBay Red C SF HF 0304   1976
? Silver C SF WC 0315 MC50 1976
on eBay Silver C SF VF 0316 MC51 1976
Duane Kennard Gran Criterium. Burgundy color & USA seat  tube decals. C SF ?F 0383 MC51 1975-1976
John Waner White/Red repaint, brazeons. Unusual fork bend, possible Eisentraut C F   0414  MC53 1976
Paulie Davis Burgundy, painted crown C F HF 0432  MC52 1976
Wilson Lem Black C F HF 0466  MC52 1976
on eBay Red repaint, no decals C F   0474  MC63 1976
Jim McCoin Medium blue, complete NR group. In 1986, repainted 914 Porsche orange. Unusual serial # C       61CM ordered new in 1976
Rex Gephart Criterium time trial (single chainring), twin plate, columbus, white/yellow C     0573  MC59 1976
?  Black repaint, brazeons C SF   0579   1976
Chris Arkell Grey repaint C SF   0663 MC56 1976
was John Jorgensen   C     0682   Oct. 1976
John Squires Lt. blue metallic, Eisentraut built? Repaint (orig. black ) SM     A7827A  MC61 1978
Tom Nyzio Has a '78 serial number but photographed in the 77 catalog. SM     B7819 MC54 1978
Greg Fletcher Black SM     B7835 MC59 1978
Dennis Stover   Red,  2nd gen. SR SM     B8001B  MC64 1980
 Pete Imandt G.C.? Orig. lt. blue met. (w/ yellow windows) SM     C7844 MC62 1978
Mike Schmidt original lt. blue metallic, purchased on ebay, SM     C7920 MC56 1979
On eBay Champagne SM     C8016 MC62 1980
David Cooper orig. parts/paint,  lt. blue metallic SM     D8110 SMC64 1981
On eBay Red SM     D8060  MC60 1980
Tom Sanders Blue, Dave Moulton-built. SM     D8137 SMC55 1981
On eBay Track bike, red. Bike Works web site ("Roman's street ride") SM   WC C8214  SMC55 1982
 Pat Moffat blue metallic SM     C835? SMC62 1983
Mark Cutrufelli Built by Dave Tesch, yellow Jim Allen paint SM     D8328  MC54  1983
 Kevin Kruger Red with yellow lug cutout accents. Built by Rob Roberson. SM     4025   M58 1984
Jolie Ramage  Jim Allen painted/Starck built. Original w/ Campy 50th gruppo SM      4191 M57  1984
John Jorgensen Gran Criterium, red-orange, signature on RH side SM     7020  M55 1987
Bob Hovey Joe Starck built SM     8057 M52 1988
Rex Gephart Barcelona Olympic 3V road, gold, original SM     33/3004 M58 1992
Jack Gabus Gran Criterium M     S4216  M56 1994


Description:  All models are Gran Criterium unless otherwise stated.

From:  C - Carlsbad,  SM - San Marcos,  M - Mondonico (Italy).  Some of early "SM" frames with no "S" on frame size stamp may be from Roland Sahm's ranch.

Fork Crown:  TP - Twin Plate,  F - Fischer,  SF - Slotted Fischer,  S - Semi Sloping,  C - Oval Masi Crest

Seat Tube Bands:  WC - World Championship Stripes,  VF - Vertical Flag bands (red & white stripes on drive side, stars on left side), HF:  Horizontal Flag Bands (Red & white stripes with star bands above and below).

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