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Hi-E Engineering

Nashville, Tennessee

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     Harlan Meyers (1924-2013) and his Hi-E products represent the highest examples of "Yankee Ingenuity" at work. Mr. Meyers re-engineered, to his own taste and concepts, bicycle hubs, pedals, rims and even the entire bicycle... all in a very homespun Americana way.

A visit to Hi-E by Larry Black

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      Photo on left of Harlan Meyers making adjustments to a Hi-E Cosmopolitan  aluminum bike. That's Steve Dayton of Indianapolis/ Speedway Wheelmen, wearing his 1971 Senior Road champion jersey.

      "I remember that bike. It creaked so loud you always knew where Steve was, and when he was attacking. But it was very light for the time."   Bill Brissman

Larry Black's Cosmopolitan
at the Cirque du Cyclisme

One version of the skewers
Via Bike Shop




Hi-E hub built up
 Courtesy Rick Verhoeven

Hi-E medium-flange sealed bearing rear hub with unique quick release



Hi-E rims were hand made and riveted together!
Courtesy Kevin Kruger



Hi-E spot facing tool to be used to to 'make a detent in frame dropouts
to accurately position Hi-E "quick release" wheel axle ends...

Scroll down for 2 pictures    Courtesy Mark Bulgier


The single bearing pedal anticipated the Shimano DD design by some years!

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