999 W. Cutting Blvd. Suite 15,
Richmond, California 
Builder, painter, repairman...
But most of all, aficionado of fine bicycles!

Updated 12.19.2009

A visit to Ed's workshop
(by list master, 2002)
This visitor soon realized that Ed loves bikes- 
building them, working on  them, talking about them....


The workshop wall, holding a huge variety of frames..


A bare Litton frame in progress and Ed's very own curly stay bike


Ed rides this "blue streak" with fastback seat stays...


Ed's  Sante Pogliaghi


Ed's Hobbs of Barbican "Blue Riband"


Old friend Joe Holmes' Colnago... in Ed's shop to study it's original 1971 decals.


Campagnolo Cambio Corsa drive bike
as shown at the 2005 Cirque du Cyclisme
Ed used reclaimed actual vintage bits and pieces to recreate this classic motif artwork!


Ken Toda's beautiful photo gallery of this bike HERE

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