New York, NY

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A bicycle maker who was well known for his 6 Day Racing machines. He made bikes under a number of brand names, including his own.

In a letter to Bicycling magazine, July 1976:
"I am an old bicycle rider and have built hundreds of bicycles for the Otto C. Ling Co. of New York City. (They are out of business now as both Mr. Ling and his son are dead.) "
Alvin Drysdale, Bradley Beach, NJ

Marvelous photos taken as Alvin Drysdale hearth brazes a very large frame.
Taken by Marvin Winter of New York City.
Pics taken while he was there getting a custom frame built; approx. 1960!

Photos courtesy John Pergolizzi

"Velox" bike by Drysdale
Vloxside.jpg (28819 bytes) wpe6.jpg (8691 bytes) Veloxdt.jpg (22353 bytes)

Decal renderings

wpe11.jpg (32290 bytes)   wpe71.jpg (44770 bytes)

Jeff Groman's 1947 detail

wpe9F.jpg (7009 bytes)

Blue road bike from 1940s~50s?

Lady's frame with good view of original decals

Joe Bender-Zanoni's Nervex lugged road bike.


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