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Updated 11.22.2005

      Francesco Cuevas, originally from Spain, was a citizen of the world until he came to settle New York City in the 1960's. He was known to build his frames in the Old World style, that is to say using brass rod for brazing rather than the new fangled Silver "solder" and forsaking a jig, but "using the eye". Nonetheless, his work had an artist's flare and appeal. Francisco Cuevas has retired to Barcelona, Spain, with his wife and daughter. His son, Andreas, continues the tradition.

   Andres Cuevas, 45 Spruce Avenue
Ridgefield Park, New Jersey 07660.
(201) 641-3838 

Photo from New York Intl. Bike show, circa 1979

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Photos from a late 1970s catalog

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Greg Pitman's road bike serial # 026, with a plentitude of Zeus components...

Lou Deeter's road bike


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