Mario Confente (1945-1979)

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This & the other B & W photos herein are from the original Confente sales brochure.

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    Mario Confente was a graduate of the Leonardo da Vinci School of Engineering in Verona, Italy, and competition cyclist for the famous Dillettanti Bencini Team. He became a artisan bicycle frame builder with Grandis and said to have been a sub-contractor to famous brands. He was employed  by Faliero Masi to head up the new California Masi factory on October 12, 1973.
   After some years of managing the Masi operation, Mario struck out on his own. using the playing card "spade" as his signature logo, engraved and printed in various places on his frames.
   Tragically, at the age of 34, Mario died on March 8, 1979. He had made 135 frames bearing his name. Confente frames are now eagerly sought by bicycling aficionados.  

Russell W. Howe's article profiling Mario Confente and his life HERE
Originally written and published in Bicycle Trader 1998 

The final workshop location for Mario's namesake business.


Confente display at New York Bike Show, late 1970s.

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Possibly the very first Confente branded bicycle, as made in Verona before Mario came to America. Stamped #1 on both the BB and the steerer.
Pictures courtesy Matt Gorski

Mario aligning a fork and other details from brochure

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 Confente #5 as seen at the 2010 NAHBS Original build order was accompanying bike.

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Confente bicycle #19

Confente bicycle #22


Confente track bike  #24

Confente bicycle #48

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