Updated 6.23.2012

    Sam Braxton of Missoula Montana, was a skier, bicyclist and outdoorsman... as well as an eccentric bike shop proprietor who established himself as a touring bike guru.

     From www.adventurecycling.org
     "...the Braxtons spent more than a decade helping others who were realizing their TransAmerica dreams, as Missoula's Braxton Bike Shop became one of the most popular watering holes along the Trail. Sam quickly became known as an expert wheelbuilder and framebuilder, sharing his extensive knowledge of bicycle touring with Adventure Cycling members in "Bike Stop," a column written by former publications director Gary MacFadden (now executive director) for BikeReport magazine (as Adventure Cyclist was formerly known)."

     "In 1988, Sam Braxton died at the age of 62 after battling cancer for a year."

58 cm touring bike as seen at auction on eBay

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