Cecil "Cec" Behringer, Shakopee, Minnesota
...was a six-day racer, velodrome designer & builder, frame maker and Renaissance man

Remembering Cecil Behringer article in CBS Minnesota

Updated 11.25.2015

Mr_Behringer.jpg (44220 bytes) "Cec"- "...started building frames in 1936. He became interested in constructing frames during his time as a track racer specializing in 6 day races. Cecil was an aerospace metallurgist (PhD) whose specialty was joining the impossible. His company held 116 of his patents, which a few of which I know are: silver butter, TiN coating, and silver-brazing titanium."  Paul Wyganowski

Cec as a young racer

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"Race Track Ruins Cycling Dream"

An interesting article from 1984 in
the St.Paul Pioneer Press by Don Riley

Thanks to Mark Hagburg

 Behringer built  track bike with full Campagnolo

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Chain_stay.jpg (47515 bytes)  R_Drops.jpg (53151 bytes)  Stem.jpg (25535 bytes)  DT_Decal.jpg (34122 bytes)  BBkt.jpg (51755 bytes)

Anthony Bareno's Behringer track frame


Road bike with aero tubing and details
Owned by Mark Hagburg, Bismark, ND

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