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     Brian Baylis has seen many changes in the bicycle business. Despite fad after fad, he has maintained a refined, traditional direction and his work has always represented the highest standard available. Brian began his frame building career with the startup of Masi USA in 1973.
     After Masi, he and partner Mike Howard operated Wizard bicycles for a few years. From that time Brian has been on his own; building, painting and restoring special bicycles.

Clear coated frame & bike on display at
the New York Bike Show
in the late 1970s/early 80s.
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Bicycle in Brian's workshop

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Masi "graduates" Brian & Mike Howard were partners in Wizard cycles.
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Visit to Brian's workshop, Jan. 2000
Brian  was building a special track bike for himself...
The Nervex Pro lugs had extensions added and were subtly
reshaped to give a French style flair but all-Baylis style.
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That frame as a completed bike .



A custom Baylis with "Curly Hellenic" stays
(refers to styles made famous by Hetchins bikes)



A very fascinating Baylis project,
a Masi track replica...
Tom Rawson photos


Visit to the Vintage Cycle Studio, Feb. 2005
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Another replica, this being
that of a 1971 Colnago.
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A Baylis road bike under construction.
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Baylis road frameset
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Tom Sander's
jet black roadster
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Lou Deeter's
stunning frameset
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Wayne Bingham's award winner
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Photos by  Chris Wimp Studio, San Diego

Brian also collects fine old bikes, especially Masi and Hetchins.
This is an original Masi Special

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