Frame serial numbers to establish approximate manufacture date.

Placed in ascending serial number order.  
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Owner Description Serial number

year of

Marko Mircic  Special  Pictures 21066 ?
Antonio Sicignano  Mondia "tipo Graziella" 22700 ?
Stefan Schaefter  'Super Special' extremely well documented at



David White  'Super'


est. 1962/ 1963 

Larry Boswell 'Super'

on the upper left side of the seat lug.


Walter Bellotti 'Super' Pictures


early 1960s

Timothy Watson 'Luxe'


est. 1964

Tony Huss White/gray paint w/smoked effect & clear coat.


June of 1964

Jon Spangler Super Mondia w 151 cranks



Ethan Keller 3 speed Olive green, fades to gray, some blue stripes



Stefan Schaefter 'Super' well documented at 119820 1968
Gunther Schulz   119829 ?
William E Swank, Sr., original owner 'Special' orange & white w/chromed lugs, 531 tubing all Campagnolo. 123232 bought at Pop's Bike Shop,
Santa Ana, CA early 1970's
Laura Housel Dolard 'Super' all chrome Reynolds 531, Nervex pro lugs. Pictures 123902 Present owner since mid-1970s
Joan Van Blom Mondia Special. Turquoise fade, chrome lugs. Campagnolo N. Record. Bar-end shifters. Mafac brakes. Pictures 128404 Purchased for $200. from original owner in 1972 in Long Beach, CA.
Mike Seto 'Super' blue faded with chromed lugs, 531 tubing 131374 Orig. owner "bought.. at a shop in Fair Oaks, CA around 1970"
Chris Springer  Super Mondia  131375 Originally owned by Peter Bohl of the San Jose CA bicycle club.
David Smith 'Special'. Brown fading from white to black at the lugs.
chrome head lugs. 
132146 1970?
C. Alec MacLean No cable stops, lugs are chrome, but fork crown is not, believed to be original 133255 Purchased from original owner ~1976.
Mark Aseltine 'Super' 137223 1970?
Steven Jones 'Super'


Orig owner, purchased 1970 Fullerton Bike Shop, LA (approx $260.00.!)

Bob Boekelheide 'Super' black with fade-in white and red. All Campy except for center-pull Weinmann brakes, which I changed to Campy side-pulls in the first few years.


Bought new from Montrose Bike Shop in 1969 (possibly 1968?)
for $245

Skip Echert   'Super' head badge w/serif-style text. Brooks Pro w/April-June 1967 dating. Original Campy hubs w/ 1968 date. 

(on the left seat stay cap)

1968 or 69?
Bob Williamson 'Super' ", found in street in Basel in. 1993 as wreck with twisted wheels and junk steel handlebar, paintwork v. poor..." 141567 ?
Bob Sumrow 'Special' 3 color fade paint; grey, black & white. 143384 1969
E. Pidgeon 'Special' Pictures 152430 Purchased 1979 from original owner
Kevin Montgomery 'Special'  The derailleur says "Patent 70" and  hub has a "68" locknut Pictures 152448 Said to be 1970
Terry Crawford Super' orange with chromed lugs, and has all Campagnolo , bar-end shifters Mafac "Racer" 153531 Purchased new in Newport Beach, CA  1974
Tim Vadheim 'Super'


Purchased new in Newport Beach, CA, 1970.

Robbie Fellows   153546 Pretty certain it is a 1970 
Tim Kenagy 'Special' brown fades to white then fades to black at the lugs and fades to chrome 153564 Purchased new in 1969 at Montrose Bike Shop, CA
Scott Davis Burnt orange 50 cm c-c w/54 cm top tube. Full campy w/ Brooks Pro, 3ttt Grand Prix Special stem/bars and Weinman tubular rims. Pictures 156324 "...guessing a 1970 vintage or maybe late '69....?"
Dennis Casto 'Special' 156523 Best friend bought this bike new in 1971
Howard McClary 'Special' ("Super" on head badge.) 63 CM Candy Apple Red with blue, white and gold fades  156847 1972?
Tom Horne  'Special' Pictures


 from Joselyn’s bike shop, Menlo Park CA about 1970.

Doug Brooks Dura Ace side pulls as stock + Campy NR. Serial number on the seat stay cap. 26.4 seat post   Picture   157714 1972
Richard Powell All chrome with all campy parts. 160260  
Ron Brunk 'Special' 58 cm 162948 ?
Lawrence Hare 'Super' red and white, all Campagnolo 162965 1976
Steve Bailey 'Juvela'  blue (Junior Mondia) Pictures 163475 1970s
Ken Ballard  'Special' (says "Super" on head badge)  23" Candy Apple Red 164206 1976?
(original owner)
Chris Wiscavage All pearl white, 58cm C-T 164207 early 70’s?
Ben Thompson 'Special' prior owner John Marino, 1st winner & later organizer of RAAM. 164665 1974-5ish
David Contreras   164670 ?
Ben Mondragon 'Special', white Pictures 164671 1973-74?
Bob Tessier 'Special', blue fade to chrome. 165250 Bought new from Park Schwinn, April 1975 for $375.00
Carl Petosa  'Special', Green/White 165711 ?
Jay Roberts 'Special', 55 cm Reynolds 531 DB, Nervex Pro lugs. Chromed head lugs, fork crown, fork lowers, seat/chain stays, and seat tube panel. Originally red, off-white lug lining. 165718 ?
John Proch 'Special', purchased as a bare frame minus fork 166279 1971
Scott Winn 'Special', white with red & black faded sections, Chrome Nervex lugs, chrome seat tube & fork ends 166308 ?
Rod Handsfield 'Special' 52 cm, chrome Nervex lugs, metallic green with fade.  166729 1971?
Peter Otis 'Special' orange, 61.5 CM  166774 Purchased new 12/9/1971
Tom Hordinski 'Special', silver & blue fade w/Campagnolo NR incl bar cons, Fiamme tubular rims 167267 Father bought new 1970-72 in Mentor, Ohio from J&N cycle.
Edward Grant 'Special' 22" frame, 15 speed, bar end shifters. Campy hubs, crank, pedals & front derailleur. Shimano Crane GS rear derailleur and a very wide range cluster. Mafac brakes, 3 ttt stem. 167273 "I purchased this bike from Bob's Cycle Center, Fair Oaks, Calif. on Feb 12, 1972 for $405.30
Dave Whiston 'Special' 57cm. chrome lugs & seat tube 167707 ?
Dave Whiston 'Special'. 57cm.  ampy NR derailleurs w/barcons, brakes, cranks, ttt bars. 167720 ?
Steve Nordin 'Special' white with red/silver lettering,  front and rear forks are white, fading to silver, at the tips. Reynolds 531 tubing. 168399 Purchased new from
The Authorized Bicycle Shop in Vallejo, California
for $425.00. June 1971
Dale Brown 'Super' road red with black and white fade Campy NR + Mafac. Pictures 168417 Orig 1971 NR rear der.
Paul Rabinak 'Super Special" blue/grey with chrome, pinstripes. All original. . Was hanging, unused in garage for the last 30 years. Picture 169002 Originally purchased at Prospect Bicycles, Mount Prospect, Illinois USA
1971 - 1974?
James Hance 'Special', orange w/fades of white and black & white pin striping TTT stem, Campagnolo + Weinmann cps, Brooks 169430 Approx. 1972, bought used in 1976, Jerry Rimoldi's College Cyclery, San Diego
Tom Kennedy  All original except universal side pull brakes  169796 One owner since new,
 orig receipt from Cleveland area dealer. 
Tom Baker 'Special', light blue with no fades, chrome Nervex lugs, fork and stay ends, 63 cm. 169822 Original owner, bought from Colorado Springs shop in Dec. 1972 for $395.
Gary E Cole 'Super' 169990 Purchased in Anderson, Indiana in 1973 or 1974
Original owner
Steve Amundsen 'Special', sky blue w/chrome ends. All campy NR 170537 ?
Peter Brueggeman 'Special' silver w/fade to blue on head tube and front of top tubes; blue paint fade above and below Mondia decals on seat tube; blue paint fade on top of forks. Silver fading to chrome on forks & stays. 57cm c-t-c


Tom McCarty 'Special'  Pictures



Anthon Lund 23", orange fade to white to black at head tube. Campy NR with Mafac Racer brakes. 3T stem and bars with Campy bar end shifters.  170584 ?
Tom Allen 'Super'. green with chrome lugs, Nuovo Record derailleurs, Campagnolo high flange hubs and seat post, Mafac center-pull brakes, Ideale leather saddle. 170734 1973
Lorraine Gersitz 'Special', red fade, chrome ends & full Campag Picture 170758 Bought new from Brielle Cyclery, NJ May 1973
Don Hutching 'Special', sky blue/white, w/chrome ends. All campy NR 171206 1973
Lou Davila 'Mondia Special', 56cm. Campy NR. Restored by Airglow 171353 ?
Larry Yates 'Super', w/ Campagnolo Nuovo Record components. 171379 Purchased in California between 1973 and 1975
Owen Wilkinson 'Special', copper-gold-silver fades. Chrome lugs. Campy NR. 171386 Bought new from John’s Bike Shop, Pasasena, CA Dec.1973 for $400
Herman F. Feldmann Mondia Special (Italy Grantite)   Record MM85 171980 ?
Donald Sahrhage 'Special' 172106 Purchased in Smithton, IL 1973
Calvert Guthrie 'Special' Pictures 173538 ?
Sergio Velarde City bike Picture 174036 ?
Frank Jents Orange & white w/black & chrome 174099 ?
Norman Rice 'Special'  Picture 174107 Bought new in Van Nuys, Calif. in 1973
Greg Parker Blue/white/chrome, 61cm c-t.
Pat. '73 rear der
174279 early 1973?
Les Stuck 'Super' red with white & blue fade, chrome lugs, all Campy NR except for Mafac center-pulls and Suntour end shifters, ttt stem & handlebars, Suntour perfect freewheel. 174298

Purchased used in 1976 for $500

Randy Richert 'Special', 53 cm, Reynolds 531, Nervex lugs w/Campag NR except Mafac Racer brakes and levers, Brooks Pro, Fiamme red label tubulars, TTT stem & bars. Picture    174740 ?
Purchased at Talbot’s Cyclery,
San Mateo, CA 
Jim Ready 'Special' blue with long Campy dropouts. 61cm center to top. Chrome Nervex lugs. French headset and bottom bracket (not Swiss on the bottom bracket). 174747  early 1970s?
Rich Pinder 'Special'. Reynolds 531 Special, 59cm c-to-c, originally with the Blue over Silver fade but most of the blue has vanished.    Pictures 174757  1973
Steven Brown 'Super', "Bought with Universal Mod 68 centerpulls and the most garish orange anodized record gruppo you could imagine!" 174830 1975
Ken Grainger
"Special"  red with white and black fade,  64 cm
174832 Orginal Campy  NR rear der. stamped 72
Gary Todd Orange w/ white & gray fade, chrome tips. 64cm. Campy except brakes. 174837 ?
Harry Spittle  25” with red fade paint Pictures 174838 Time capsule bike, found in a storage locker in Corona, Ca
Paul Altenhofen "Super" 62 cm, light blue/chrome head lugs//dark blue fade/white head tube.  175344 1973
J.R. Wilson "Special" blue fade, all Campy incl. brakes, Rear der. stamped 72, purchased used from original owner in 1975. 175443 1972?
Charlie Young 'Special' chromed Nervex pro lugs, white to orange to brown fade   175463 early to mid 1970s
Mike Burjaw 'Super' 175501 ?
Jill Costa 'Special', white with black and red pinstripes. 20" frame Pictures 175950 purchased around 1973 in Long Branch, New Jersey.
Walter Bellotti 'Super Special', red fade to white,  Campagnolo Nuovo Record Pictures 176664 est 1972.
Dean Tuinstra 'Special'  176667 ?
Marius Suiram Reynolds 531 throughout, TTT Record stem & bars, Nervar cranks, Simplex gears, Weinmann brakes, Weinmann 700 rims with Sunshin hubs, Lyotard pedals and Brooks saddle 176693 ?
Stefan Schaefter  Can be seen at 176838  1972-73? 
Ron Moore Blue fading into silver . 187647 Bought new Feb, 1977
Thomas Weichert Mondia Competition full Reynolds 531 frame & fork, Campagnolo shifters and derailleur, Sugino Moxy crankset and Weinmann 610 brakes. Picture 187948  circa 1978.
Brian Richards (original owner) 24 1/2", Blue fading to white.  189611 ?
Mark Henzel 'Super', original silver color,  191470 Bought in 1977 or 1978 at the Montrose Bike shop, Montrose, California.
Michael Graf 'Super Competition', blue with chrome Campagnolo parts NR, stamped 1974, Weinmann brakes. 252177 Approximately 1975
Pedro Almeida 'Super' 253682  late 1970s?
Bryan Butler 'Super' Mondia Competition 255135 ?
 Roger Ensign 'Super Criterium' black 53 cm, Reynolds 531  256265 1973
 Darren Cox  'Super' was grandfather's bike 257346 1970?
Hanna Nowak   258670  
Peter Otis 'Special'  Silver   261531 Purchased new Jan 1977
Greg Stumpf 'Super' 52 cm Mafac brakes teal metallic blue Reynolds 531   261831 bought Montrose bike shop Montrose CA late 70’s
or early 80’s.
Jim Hultman 'Special' 56cm x 56cm gold, approaching forward white fade, then white to black at the chromed Nervex lugs. Pinstripes on top tube, down tube & fork. Seat tube foil. 268573 ?
Carl Elliott   'Super' w/ Reynolds 531 Extra Leger tubing 269749 from Montrose Bicycle Shop in 1978
Hilde Schweitzer   269755  
John Blanchard 'Super' 64cm, red w/black &  white fade.  Chrome lugs   Full Campi including brakes  Pat. 73 on rear derailleur. Record hub locknuts dated 1974. 272151 Orig. owner said bought new in LA in 1974 (?)
Robert Broderick   'Prestige' All Campy components date from 1972 as Mondia had acquired older gruppos at deep discount in advance of CPSC regulations going into effect 272162  Confirmation of the original owner’s purchase new in 1977
Bruce Thomsen  'Competition' 275489 1978?
Rob Pettengill 'Super' 283067

Purchased from Freewheeling Bicycles, Austin Texas, 1986, had been in the shop a while. 1978 ?

 Doug Lappi 'Super' 283083

"Bought new in about 1978 at the Univ. of Calif. San Diego bicycle shop"

Ken Toda Silver-dark blue fade with chrome head lugs. 291067 ?
Mark Corriston 'Super'  Picture 291078

From  Montrose bike shop, "I had a real challenge getting this bike, late in the 1980’s and when Mondia’s were no longer readily available."

Jack Gabus   One-year-only w/chromed Prugnat lugs  294566  1978 
Robert Botham Mondia 60 cm  300199 1979
Jeffrey Tyler 'Super', silver/dk blue fade w/chrome lugs,  black & red striping     300203

Dec. 1979 from Montrose Bike Shop, Montrose, CA for $450 (frame only)

Garth ____ 'Special' 300265

From Bicycle Outfitters, Los Altos, Ca

Aleksandar Jestrovic City bike Pictures 303819  Bought in Loznica Serbin for
 40 Euro!
Fritz Loudenslager 'Special' copper color. 56 cm. 314474

Bought at Fritz's Bicycle Shop, Ketchum ID. 1984

John D. 'Super' Pictures 314476 ?
Joseph Bergl 'Super', orig bought from shop in Montrose, California. Campagnolo equipped  316930 1983 or 84?
Steve Benson Burnt orange w/Prugnat lugs 321931 ?
 Fabio Rezzonico Reynolds SMS tubing, stamped dropouts 331687-7 ?
Tony Polistena Lady's bike 3 speed  Picture 332262 original owner
Rich Barbera
(orig owner)
'Super' w/ special lightweight Reynolds 531, 60 cm. c-c  Pictures 338201 late 80s
Eric Elman 'Super' Mafac canti braze on studs, Pictures  338233 1982?
Yvonne M Dube'   353325 ?
Tim Balderson 'Super' all Campagnolo Pictures 356252 1983 
Jon Kofal 'Super', serial no. stamped in seat tube
With some Super Record parts... Pictures 
385870 ?
Sue Youngman   394404 ?
Vlad Ciucu Reynolds 501 tubing 397935 ?
Irene Menzi Reynolds 501 tubing Pictures 4004032 ?
René Bürgi

Mondia Professional  Cyclocross . Columbus, Acciaio Nivacrom, Extra EL Leggeri, Orange-Yellow-White, Shimano Dura-Ace

Dan Mazilu  Road 507399 1980s?
Adiel Davids
(South Africa)
'City Cross' Ladies Reynolds 501 All Terrain tubes, Exage parts used on bike 104697 Modern, new serial number system?
Gary Webb Blue with red and chrome trim. 803904 ?
John Griffin 'Super' 803945 1980?
Chuck Kichline   803970 1980?
Ken Toda   808919 ?
Robert Marshal Mondia Tourer, silver ES12940 Bought new
 in 1982  Männedorf, Switzerland

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