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Sieber Serial #

Updated 2.15.2021

    SIEBER was located in the small Swiss Italian town of Chiasso. This company was also famous for it's handmade tubular ("sew-up") tires and  aluminum and maple wood rims. Bicycles, crank sets, brakes, shoes, and hubs were among the products sold under the prestigious Sieber label. Please see the interesting Jobst Brandt article about his visit to Sieber in 1959 in the Trento Bike pages. It is apparent from this report that the production of tires and bikes had likely ceased by that time.
     Sieber bicycles were very refined, with extensive shaping of the lugs and delicate pin striping... Obviously a "high line" of products.

John Eisenmann
"Racing Cyclists Specialties" catalog

pages covering Sieber products of the early 1930-40s?
(Courtesy of David Irwin)

Sieber track #3337
(pictures courtesy Sarah Gibson)

Joe Bender-Zanoni's Sieber
Robbie Fellows #6165

 Restored Sieber track #6168
sold by Jerry Jeter
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Dale Brown's Sieber #6364
(4 speed Sturmey Archer hub is marked 1947)

Craig Griffith's #6385

Craig Griffith's #6996
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Sieber frame set #7754
sold by Hilary Stone


Bob Graf's chrome Sieber


Sieber track
(pictures courtesy John Barron)

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