Sieber bicycle frame serial number registry
Updated 9.4.2018

Owner Features Serial number Est year of mfg
Sarah Gibson Pista frame with fancy lugs, full chrome with transparent gold, Chater Lea cranks. pictures



Bradley Trembath This bike was ridden by Bradley's grandfather (a WW2 navy vet and tool & die maker at Ford in Detroit.) 3578


Joe Bender-Zanoni

Pista pictures

Daniel Dahlquist Road with Super Champion gear.   1940?
Robbie Fellows Pista pictures 6165


Sold by
Jerry Jeter
Pista, restored pictures



Dale Brown Sport road model? Reynolds 531 3T, 4 speed SA hub, Dunlop HP stainless 26 x 1 1/4" pictures


Craig Griffith Pista pictures 6385 ?
Craig Griffith Pista pictures 6996 1949?
Kevin Kruger Pista, original headset, Magistroni inch-pitch crankset, Noli Cattaneo track pedals, FB wheelset


David Snyder   7216


Sold by
Hilary Stone
Pista pictures 7754 ?
Bob Graf  Pista, full chrome Pista/road. pictures   ?
Mark Fulton Pista   ?
Chip Duckett Pista   ?
Sold by
John Barron
Pista pictures   ?
Norris Lockley Pista  


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