Perhaps the most successful Swiss maker in competition and commercially.
In the 1960s - 1980s, they were well known for wild multi color paint jobs.

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Mondia bicycle serial number Registry
Mondia Production details by Robert Broderick HERE

MONDIA continue in business here:
Mondia Fahrrad AG, Sgetstr. 116, 4802 Strengelbach   web site

Marko Mircic's Mondia #21066


Laura Housel Dolard's full chrome serial #23902 (1960s?)


Walter Bellotti's #90773 from the 1960s in original paint finish.

full_rh_small.jpg full_34_small.jpg front_rh_small.jpg stem_small.jpg


head_tube_rh_small.jpg brake_lever_small.jpg head_tube_small.jpg head_lug_small.jpg


bbkt_lh_small.jpg r_der_small.jpg r_hub_small.jpg seat_tube_full_small.jpg


seat_tube_small.jpg seat_cluster_lh_small.jpg seat_cluster_small.jpg saddle_rear_small.jpg


 E. Pidgeon's Mondia Special #152430


Scott Davis' #156324


Doug Brook's 1972 # 157714.

Tom Hayes' 1982 Mondia Super
wpe30.jpg (49554 bytes)

First spotted at
the 1999 Denver VeloSwap.

Then it's eventual owner sent us
these pics of it all built up!

wpe3.jpg (45560 bytes)

Lou Davila's Mondia Special

John D's restored Super

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Steve Bailey's Mondia 'Juvela' #163475


Tom McCarty's early 1970s Special #170578 


"Special" #173538
Pictures courtesy Calvert Guthrie


Randy Richert's #174740

 Walter Bellotti's Mondia Super Special #176664


Eric Elman's NOS frameset, serial #338233

Mark Corriston's Super #291078
Jeff Tyler's Super Mondia #300203
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Rich Barbera's 
# 338201
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 Tim Balderson's 
Click to see 11 photo gallery.

Jon Kofal's
Super #385870

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Irene Menzi's  #404032 w/Reynolds 501 tubing


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