Updated 6.7.2011           

Mairag was a Swiss frame building concern in Ebnat-Kappel, Switzerland, dating from the 1960s. The owners, the Maier brothers, were also related to the founder of Assos, Toni Maier. 

n the 1970s, Mairag was associated with making the Hugo Koblet bicycles. Schauff bought Mairag in the 1980s to increase  production capacity for steel racing frames.

As the market declined for steel frames in the late 1980s, the Swiss workshop was closed. Most the of the jigs, tools, even the painting oven was transferred to Schauff in Remagen, Germany, and some are now used to produce the lugged frames for Schauff's current "crmo classic" frames.

                                   Special thanks to Jan Schauff for info and scans.

1978 brochure


Brochure from late 1970~early 1980s.


One of the first hydraulic road brake designs


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