Assos was founded in the 1970s by Toni Maier, best known for creating the first Lycra cycling short.  In Ticino, along the Swiss-Italian border, Assos also produced some avant garde bicycle components. They continue with cycle clothing, but the components are no longer offered.

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Assos cranks (4 photos)

Assos_cr.jpg (81761 bytes)             

Assos crank set & brochure, new in box 

Unusual bottom bracket design
Pictures courtesy Clyde Putman

Assos pedals
Pictures courtesy Nigel Peyton


Assos drilled-out saddle
(6 pictures)


One of the first
  lightweight Aero rims.

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BMZ bicycle using ASSOS crankset, pedals, rims and saddle.

Advertising that caught much attention...

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