Etablissements of Cycles Allegro Arnold Grandjean SA Neuchâtel 
Neuchatel, Switzerland

     Founded in 1914 by the cyclist Arnold Grandjean, 4 times Swiss champion, with his brothers Ali, Ulysse and Tell and another companion. The company was the first manufacturer of racing bicycles in Switzerland and by 1939 had become the largest bicycle manufacturer in Switzerland.  The 1980s saw merger with Mondia.

Allegro bike in Rydjor Collection HERE
Wikipedia entry about Allegro

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Allegro Special #1679489
Photos courtesy Matt Gorski


Jerry Moos #2821887


1960s Allegro
(As seen for sale on eBay auction...)

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Allegro city bike
pictures courtesy eBay seller tubeguro

1960s Allegro
(The owner's name is mis-placed, please help!)


  Famous Allegro "smoked" finish
As seen on eBay

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