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ZEUS Componentry
was made for all levels: from Pro all the way down to very basic (and affordable).
Unfortunately many of these parts were frequently seen as copies of Campagnolo design.  While this may be partially true, the design elements of bicycle components had long been pirated back & forth, with few completely original ideas from any manufacturer.

Nonetheless today many aficionados value and collect Zeus for it's charm and function.

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             Updated 12.5.2017

Earlier parts and model Criterium 69 
Very similar to the Campagnolo items of the era and
even shared "Gran Sport" name for top models.

Alfa components
for lower priced bicycles

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Components series "Criterium 2000-2001"



steel FW

Titanium FW
12 pictures


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The New Racer group  A lower priced ensemble.

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Frame building components

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