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Zeus Industriale SA
Founded by Don Nicholás de Arregui in Eibar, in the Basque region in 1926. Zeus initially produced small parts, then components and finally complete bicycles. Nicholas de Arregui continued to acquire patents up until about 1964.  Zeus bicycles most often used tubing by Reynolds 531 or Durifort in Metric (French)  tube & threading dimensions. Of course, they also often featured Zeus components

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A bike at the VeloSwap 1999

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A restoration by Ted Williams:
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Roland Darboucabe's
Model Ocana 2000
road bike.

    Featuring Zeus 2000 components, the wheels are "Diamond Jewel"  models built by master wheel builder HR Borthavre, using Super Champion Medaille d'Or rims, 28 hole in front and 30 hole on rear (!) The wheels weigh in at 520 grams for front, 720 grams for the rear!

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Mod. Super Kronos

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