Artisan bicycle frame maker in Eibar, Basque region.
2 generations; the father (Jose Maria) building frames, the son eventually
taking over and sourcing frame by outsider contractors, including Radesa.

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Jose Maria Marotias was born and learned to weld in Santander.  Many pro cyclists bought his frames if they didn’t like their sponsors frames, including Ocaña, Fuentes, and Merckx. When one sees photos of Ocaña on a Zeus bike, it is always a Marotias.  Merckx was in love with these frames and rode them for two years."  

" (Juan Manuel) Fuente on his Marotias, look at the way the seat stay attach to the seat cluster."
A Marotias bicycle


"Molteni rode Masi, but Merckx rode Marotias"

Possibly a later frame set?
Frame set seen up at auction. Pictures courtesy torres-berbel-collection

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