Based on the kindly responses to my enquiry about polishing out a paint repair spot on a frame, I have compiled the suggestions. I have tried to list the items in decreasing degrees of abrasiveness. I have taken the liberty of greatly condensing the comments that accompanied the recommendations. When in doubt, TEST FIRST, especially on painted surfaces. Thanks to everyone who contributed their experience with these products. 

Dennis Young


SIMICHROME, BLUE MAGIC, FLITZ, MET-ALL and even old BRASSO ... for metals such as aluminum, brass, stainless steel, chrome and other metal alloys.  The metal polishes are designed to chemically react with the metals in addition to containing an abrasive element. Important to distinguish between corrosive chemical content  versus  fine physical abrasiveness. Heaven only knows what their chemicals can or will do to paint. In the short term, probably nothing. But, the film that's left behind, over time, with some humidity . . . who knows ? Available at auto supply stores or hardware stores.


"Rubbing compound" is something you buy to put a smooth final finish ontoa painted surface . Automotive rubbing compounds are sold specifically for use on automotive paint.  Automotive CLEARCOAT, the white color variety being less abrasive, was suggested.


These are generally used in conjunction with a buffing wheel, but can be hand rubbed as well. Varying degrees of abrasiveness, from edge deburring to a brilliant mirror like polish. When applying by hand rubbing, slightly moistening the rag may be more efficient. Different
compounds for different metals. Available at hardware stores or machine shop supply stores.


ONE STEP is a polishing compound that breaks down into finer abrasives as you use it. It may save steps in rubbing out. LIQUID EBONY was highly recommended by a few people as a excellent rubbing agent for painted surfaces. If it has a abrasive content, it is very slight. It was suggested to use it to rub out or fill in scratches from more aggressive compounds.
ONE STEP and LIQUID EBONY were suggested as a excellent one-two combination to expediently get the job done.
TOOTHPASTE was recommended by a number of people. Brands vary in their different degrees of abrasive content.  Ultra-brite brand  was recommended for its gentle abrasive effect.

KIWI BLACK SHOE POLISH - Not exactly sure where this one fits in, but good results were suggested with it as a polish on paint.  Abrasive content?

Used as the final step to give the 'ultimate' shine

PLEXUS comes in a spray can and is designed for plastics and any painted surfaces. It is excellent for balancing out irregularities. Available at motorcycle shops.
BIKE LUST, a Pedro`s bike maintenance product that I really like. It gives a great shine and allows dirt to be easily wiped away. It also sheds water to some degree. Sadly, it may no longer be available.
PRO DETAILER, a Finish Line product that works like Bike Lust. Available at bicycle shops.