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      Rather than the usual FAQ list, I will include here various questions and answers that are dealt with in the mailing list and may be useful to all of us in our "bike-saving" projects.               Feel free to send questions ....

I am starting
to cleanup my steel Campy parts which have light rusting. I understand that a rust eraser is a good start but wanted to check with you concerning the method.

At first glance it seems that the rust eraser might be taking off the chrome plating. Am I going too deep or is this the way it works? Mike thought that steel wool followed the RE (I'm tired of spelling rust eraser).

As an alternative I might be able to get these parts striped and hard chromed (the hard chrome is a satin finish) for a reasonable price. It would absolutely prevent any further rusting but it departs from the authenticity of the appearance. I'm interested in your thoughts on this matter...


Those rust erasers are too severe! Use steel wool or even better
brass wool & WD40, or "Quick Glow" (standard fare in US bike shops) which shouldn't damage the chrome.

What pieces are you talking about? Nuts, brake shoe holders, springs? On these small parts, use an old toothbrush and Quick Glow ("tartar control" toothpaste works pretty good too!) A brass bristled brush is good too, as it won't booger up chrome.. You will just go through a lot of brushes!

As far as re-chroming, if they are the typical small parts for brakes. etc., a lot of these small bits are still available for not too much $ (especially as compared to the re-chroming costs I have seen!) But IF you are able to get things rechromed affordably, you are a lucky fellow.

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