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Updated 12.24.2013
      There is always a potential debate when attempting to rescue a fine bicycle from the ravages of time. To preserve and retain the "patina" of age and use, or to restore the machine to it's as-manufactured state?   
     Few of us will be lucky enough to discover those rare 30 to 100 year old bicycles that are NOS (New Old Stock) or that have been carefully maintained in their as-issued state.
     The most conservative collector does not touch an old bicycle except through routine cleaning and lubrication, to preserve its patina of age and its history, including its wear and tear.
    This practice is very defendable when the cycle is complete and original, or when it has a 'provenance', linking it specifically to a documented historical identity.

    Then however there are those bicycles which have been abused and forgotten, rusted and broken, long since depleted of its original parts. The new and appreciative owners want to restore these orphaned bikes to hopefully close to their original form.

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