Finding Old Parts!

      Remember that you are most likely searching for parts that have not been manufactured for many years. It always surprising to the author that buyers expect these rare parts to be sold for a low price, even less than the price for similar modern goods! Please remember that you are not obliged to buy the part, so do not insult the seller by stating his/her price is too high! The market will determine the true value of these goods and nothing is getting cheaper or more available!

1. Check with the various suppliers & dealers in the Classic Rendezvous Resource Page.
2. The various web spots with members offering stuff for sale:
-  The
Menotomy Lightweight Vintage Bicycle Forum
Campagnolo Only! classifieds.
3. Swap Meets (called Cycle Jumbles in the UK!)
This is dependent upon there being Swap Meets in your region.. If there are, you must support them with your attendance and possible organizational skills. If there is not a swap meet, put one on yourself! See the event schedule on the CR front page.

The Cirque du Cyclisme event with it's swap meet.
- The
Lars Anderson Show
and others.
4. The Classic Rendezvous Google group. Join & ask the 2000 + members if they have that needed part for sale?  (see join-up form on CR Main page)
5.  Online auction eBay the world-wide market for rare parts, odd bits and beware for mis-representation.
6. Have your local bike shop do a search...
Using the good old telephone or by using other methods, good shops can often find many old parts that are still in stock from wholesale distributors who have been around a long time.
7. Tubular tires (also called Sewups and Sprints): Genuine old tires may be deteriorated to the point that they are unsafe. However it may be possible to have them rejuvenated by a very well thought of service: Tire Alert in Florida.

Know of other good places? Let the Webmaster know!

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