In print, concerning Vintage Lightweights:

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"Beauty and the Bicycle"

A Profile of Two Frame Builders

Alan Bernstein &
Emory Van Cleve

 This video is a beautifully photographed visit and talk with Richard Sachs and Peter (JP) Weigle. Cost is a very reasonable $18.00 including cost of priority mailing in USA.

Bicycle Frames
pdf version (large file)
Joe Kossack
1975 Bike World Magazine
World Publications
A fascinating overview of the state of bicycle frame making in 1975. Colin Laing talks about his assembly process. An essential for vintage buffs!

1978 Bikecology catalog
(pdf file, large download)

Bikecology Bike Shop
Became SuperGo & now extinct
Spring 1978 mail order catalog featuring models and specs on now vintage goods
wpe50.jpg (3696 bytes) OUT of PRINT:
Editor- Gabe Konrad
(also editor of now extinct magazines  On the Wheel  & Aeolus Butterfly)
On The Wheel publications
Sand Lake, Michigan

Fascinating tales of bravery and lore by cycling greats. Also, Bike Lore 2.

wpe4E.jpg (30286 bytes) OUT of PRINT:

magazine was the alternative to Bicycling magazine in the 1970s.

BIKE WORLD Magazine Contributed to by noteable cycling enthusiasts such as Joe Kossack, Greg & Charles Siple, Dan Burden, Ray Blum, Roger St.Pierre, John Forrester. BIKE WORLD remains a valuable resource for students of that era.

Campagnolo Catalog scans
David Finlayson
Waterford, NY
Various offerings of high quality scans, 300 dpi, PDF format on CDs.
Cycle History Series Cycle Publishing
1282- 7th Ave
San Francisco CA 94122

Printed compendiums of papers given at International Cycle History Conferences6 hard bound volumes available that each include the proceedings from a particular International Cycle History Conference, covering a wide range of cycling topics from antique to vintage lightweights. Prices range from $30. - $45. each and can be ordered directly from Rob Van der Plas.

wpeA4.jpg (11472 bytes)
CYCLING Plus! Magazine
Future Publishing
Somerset, England
Subscribe with credit cards at 
011 44 1458 271111

This broad appeal magazine is the ONLY mainstream source for routine vintage bicycle coverage. Hilary Stone, Roger St. Pierre and Paul Vincent have been contributors to the excellent classic bike content! 

"The Custom Bicycle"
(large pdf file)
Michael J. Kolin &
Denise de la Rosa

Rodale Press 1979
Still can be found in used book stores, etc.

Described initially as a guide to bike purchasing & fit, actually this book's  truly valuable part is the unique glimpse at some of the famous   builders    of the 1970s. There are profiles of makers such as Jack Taylor (the brothers!), Sante Pogliaghi, and others you can read about no where else! Some neat insights and a few humorous errors! Search for this book and add it to your collection!

The Dancing Chain
"A History and Record of the Derailleur Bicycle"
Second (updated) edition available
Frank Berto, Ron Shepard & Raymond Henry

An overview of the development of the derailleur gearing mechanism. Three perspectives are provided by the three authors.

The DATA  Book Cycle Publishing
1282- 7th Ave
San Francisco CA 94122

A re-print of a Japanese origin hard cover book, a unique tribute to fine bicycle designs, featuring many drawings by Daniel ReBour. 

Ease wpe81.jpg (9237 bytes)With Elegance:
The Story of Thanet Cycles
Author: Hilary Stone
£8 sterling plus £5 airmail postage. Checks must be in Pounds Sterling.
Hilary Stone at 32 Heyford
Avenue, Bristol BS5 6UE, England.

This small booklet is a very thorough accounting of an unorthodox bicycle design made in Bristol, England, from 1945 to 1958. Although Mr. Stone uses some references and terminology readily recognizable only to his British readers, the flavor and uniqueness of Thanet comes through.

The Golden Age
of Handbuilt Bicycles
Text: Jan Heine
Photography: Jean-Pierre Praderes
$60 Shipping and handling: $5 (U.S., International $12).
Washington State residents, please include $4.93 for sales tax (Book $51 + Sales Tax $4.93 + Shipping and Handling $5 = TOTAL of $60.93)
Vintage Bicycle Quarterly
c/o Il Vecchio Bicycles
140 Lakeside Ave., Ste. C
Seattle WA 98122, USA
Charts the development of bicycles that transcended their function to become a form of art, from the early 1900s through the present day.
A Guide to
Used Bicycles
Author: Lou Deeter
Available on disc or printed form from author.
E-mail loudeeter@aol.com

This is a home brewed guide to road bicycles that gives a capsule of information on many, many bicycle brands. This is an excellent quick reference for collectors.

The Moulton Bicycle By Tony Hadland
ISBN 0 9507431 1 9 
Second edition published in September 1982

156 pages, 56 monochrome illustrations,
printed on glossy paper. Recommended bookshop price in UK £10.00.

Frank Patterson Books www.frankpatterson.co.uk

Books of this wonderful British artist's illustrations spanning 50 years of Cycling Magazine...

Pete & Ed
BOOKS Cycling History & Antiques

Various titles
Pete & Ed Books
E-mail pebooks@indy.net.
A source for books which "cover the history of cycling, and many are aimed at collectors of classic bicycles. Pete recommends Hearts of Lions which covers the early history of bicycle racing. Ed likes Major Taylor, which tells the story of one of the first Black Americans to become a World Champion."
RadKlassiker http://www.radklassiker.org/ "By a friend, for friends of classic bikes"
A very entertaining web site from Germany with a Bike of the month feature, very complete links, and more...
wpe5A.jpg (115920 bytes)
Six Days of Madness"
By Ted Harper

Pacesetter Press 1993

It is so sad that little has been passed on about the era of 6 Day Races, the stars or their bikes! This book is a rare testimony to a lost age.

The Sturmey-Archer Story By Tony Hadland
ISBN 0 9507431 27 softback
Published in December 1987|
 Recommended bookshop price in the UK £18.00

92 glossy pages with full colour cover
153 illustrations, diagrams and specially drawn power flow charts.

Vintage Catalogs
Chuck Schmidt
1715 Ramona Avenue,
Pasadena, CA 91030-4425 
(323) 256-0815

A long list of neat old catalogs have been saved & copied including a unique compilation of all the Campagnolo tomes. A great resource for the nostalgic, the restorer or the researcher. Separate prices for each title. Web site offers list & prices.

 Bicycle Quarterly

(was "Vintage Bicycle Quarterly")
Jan Heine
Bicycle Quarterly Press
2116 Western Ave
Seattle, WA 98121, USA
"A magazine for discerning cyclists, who enjoy their bikes, whether on a weekend ride, commuting, randonneuring, racing or touring the countryside. .... a variety of topics rarely covered in the "mainstream" cycling press"

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On the web, concerning Vintage Lightweights:

The Bicycle Info Project
From Batavus to Vitus

Bobby Sacovits
Web resource of catalog pages and technical brochures from Bobby Sacovits' vast collection of stuff
Bicycle Trader 510 Frederick
San Francisco, CA 94117

fax 415-664-6653

Once a printed magazine it is now a web 'zine featuring classifieds ads and articles that include many topics of interest to vintage buffs.

Sheldon's Brown's
web site
Hosted by Harris Cycle

  Sheldon was the ringmaster of cycling tech stuff and has a lot of good retro stuff sprinkled about as well!

Cinelli Only Blogspot By Angel Garcia Focused on this famous brand from early to contemporary...
Classic Lightweights UK By Peter Underwood and Patricia Killiard "...classic lightweight bicycles, particularly those built in Britain and Italy."
Classic Factory Lightweights Hugh Thornton "... racing bikes that were made by manufacturers whose main business was the production of bicycles to their own standard specification, rather than bespoke bicycles to their customers’ specification."
Cycling Archives   Cycling Archives,  bike racing history, lots of good information on Teams, Bikes, Riders, Racers  - 
Disraeli Gears The work of Michael Sweatman   A fabulously entertaining and professional produced study of derailleur gears and associated topics. Includes key vintage areas...
Ray Dobbins Gallery & tips by... Ray Dobbins! Ray collects, refurbishes and takes wonder pictures of lightweight vintage bikes.
Evolution of Early British Derailleurs Paper is based on research
by Tony Hadland
For a small section of the forthcoming book The Dancing Chain by Ron Shepherd, Frank Berto and others. The research was carried out in 1996, primarily using British patents.
My Ten Speeds Randy Fox
Web site describing & guiding visitors through the author's process of saving neat old bikes for posterity
National Cycle collection
in England
  An increasing number of pdf’s documents from the Veteran Cycle Club of catalogue and research material regarding veteran cycles in the UK.
Fat Tire Trading Post
Author: Chris Ioakimedes
Includes a bicycle catalog archive, technical
information for vintage bike mechanics,
and a collection of interesting bikes...
Fuji Bike Site, The Classic William Reavis
History, Catalogs by year, models by year, Serial number id...
Mike Kone's 
Guide to Vintage
(and some prices)
Mike Kone on Sheldon Brown's web site     A neat list & discussion of the various marques that appeal to vintage buffs. These articles originally appeared in the VRBN. Some of the opinions are up for debate!
(The) Italian Cycling Journal By Angel Garcia All about Italian cycling, which so often relates to the vintage bike world!
Officenesfera co-editors Pietro, Jessica, Daniele, and Andrea   hello@officinesfera.com A neat Italian blog, news source and restoration & discussion about steel bicycles, especially vintage!
Old (and not so old) derailleurs by Arnfried Schmitz An illustrated personal view of rear derailleur systems in Tony Hadland's web site
Old Roads.com English Roadster group  

  This is for those Raleigh, Hercules,
Rudge, Sunn, Phillips, Robinhood, etc., questions and answers.

Old School Bikes Troy Warnick

Wonderful collection of vintage bikes.

(The) Racing Bicycle.com  by Jay Van de Velde

"....a resource for the history, preservation and enjoyment of the antique and classic racing bicycle" And an amazing collection of wonderful bikes!

Retro Raleighs Hosted by Harris Cycle Retro Raleighs was originated by Ray Chong, who passed the Torch to Sheldon Brown in March, 2003.
Rydjor Bike Shop
vintage bike Collection
219 N. Main St.
Austin, Minnesota 55912
85 bikes at last count! Great range of makes, models and eras.
Saddlewax Amir Avitzur "...I was infatuated by the beautiful saddles of the 40’s and 50’s, the “Golden Age of Classic Lightweights”.
Thanks to ebay and the internet, I was able to collect photos of old saddles to my heart’s content.
This website is dedicated to those saddles."
Schwinn Paramount
history and dating guide
Waterford bicycles
(Who got their start as the makers of the last of the "true" Schwinn Paramounts)

     A neat guide by Richard Schwinn to numbering systems used on Paramounts throughout the years and a little history....

Alex Singer shop tour Don Gillies, San Diego A personal shop tour looking at the bikes, fixtures, etc.
The Speedplay Museum Collection of Rare and Exotic Bicycle Components On Flickr, great pictures of select exotica. Begun as the fabulous Speedplay collection of pedals, now expanding into ne horizons.
The Sturmey-Archer Story 1995 Supplement....
Product Developments Since 1987
By Tony Hadland
Tony uses his web site to provide additional info on Sturmey Archer,  as well as competitors developments during this period.
Tonton Velo Owner: bruno@tontonvelo.com  A French web site in which the owner seeks to illustrate the "richness and an important diversity of manufacture and (his) inexhaustible pleasure for in love with the bicycle."
Sunset  for SunTour
by Frank J. Berto
Van der Plas Publications
1282 7th Avenue,
San Francisco, CA 94122
Excerpt of article published in the
Proceedings of the 9th International Cycle History Conference by Van der Plas Publications
Velobase.com J. Fischer  "...a comprehensive database of vintage cycling knowledge for reference during everything from restorations to general maintenance to researching the cycling history through the equipment of the time. All of the content on the site was added by its members, truly making it the cycling community's database"
Velo Classics Blogspot Jeff Pyzyk's fabulous collection of the most desiarable vintage collectibles.  Jeff is a master at rejuvenating and preserving!
Velo-Pages By Robert Broderick, an extremely knowledgeable enthusiast. A wonderful non-commercial archive of vintage catalogs and magazine article reprints.
The Vintage Bike Life Eddie Albert Wonderful bicycles, components and ephemera collection.

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