Emiliano Freschi
Piazza Gramsci, Milano

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- The 'FF' incorporated in the logo represents Francesco Freschi, Emiliano's father.
- According to Emiliano's son in the FixedGear.it forum, "The number under the bottom bracket was progressive " i.e., serial numbers are sequential.

"Emiliano Freschi had been chief engineer and builder for Sante Pogliaghi before going out on his own." Cyclart

1980 Bikeology catalog

Courtesy Dave Martinez

Barbara Kelly's report when visiting Freschi in 1979, indicates he left Pogliaghi in about 1969. HERE

Catalog circa 1985

Courtesy Andrea Bonfanti

Freschi Super Chromo circa 1980
Courtesy Mike Short

Freschi road
eBay seller g-57cm

Freschi with accessories
Courtesy George McNeil 

Freschi circa 1983
Courtesy Antonio Torino


Freschi Pista
Courtesy Mike Wente

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