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Photos courtesy
Italian Road Racer Museum





Ugo and his sons examine
a steel lugged frame.

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Illustrations from early 1970s brochure


1957-59 model
Pictures courtesy Stefano Sandoli

1972 road
(As seen on eBay)

 1974 test in Bicycling magazine by Richard Jow


1976 model owned by Italo Nanni



1988 model  "Signature:

1988 35th Anniversary Limited Edition    Brochure

    "The 35th anniversary model was only sold as complete bikes, built up exclusively with Italian componentry. At the time, Ugo was very adamant about not allowing any Anniversary bike leave the factory with anything but Italian components. There were approximately 350 bikes sold worldwide.   
   You can see where the bike was originally sold by the serial number. The serial number should be stamped 35/followed by a three digit number. A little lower, you will see an initial that indicates the country of initial sale.
A is for USA, B is for Belgium, C is for Switzerland (I believe), D is for Germany, E is for Spain, F is for France, G is for Japan (I believe), I is for Italy... and so on."

   "There was also a 'signature' version that predated the anniversary bike by one year that has the same down tube and seat tube graphics, but without the big rose on the head tube. Some of the bikes came with Century finish C-Record components but most came with 'regular' C-Record.

Steven Maasland 

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