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     Adalgisio “Toto” Bevilacqua was a professional racer in Italy during the 1940’s and 50’s. After he retired from professional cycling, he opened a bike shop with his brother in Pescara, Italy. He was introduced to Galmozzi by their mutual friend Gino ("the Pious") Bartali  and Galmozzi was soon supplying frames to Bevilacqua for his customers. The Galmozzi frames were received in Bevilacqua’s shop, where he would stencil the Bevilacqua name onto the down and top tubes, and then clear coat the entire frame.

   His shop, Bevilacqua Sport, is still in existence and is run by Toto’s sons. Here is their history page.

   Adalgisio had two sons who raced professionally:
Leonardo Bevilacqua & Antonio Bevilacqua

Old pictures with Gino Bartali and the Bevilacqua family & friends

Eddie Ebani 's 1970s
Background on this machine


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