Padova, Italy

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Cleto Maule
on Torpado
 circa 1954-58

Torpado team & car 1959

      Torpado bicycles date from 1908 and were especially noteworthy during the era of Coppi & Bartali.  They were sponsors of major international teams and enjoyed the reputation commensurate with that level of involvement.

    The Torpado line was imported into the USA in the 1970's & 80's by the Agrati-Garelli Corp. in South Carolina (along with Batavus) and therefore there are reasonable numbers of these bikes in the USA.  The original Italian factory closed down not long after being bought by foreign owners in the late 1980s.

    Top-of-the-line models had beautifully crafted frames with routed out dropout faces, internal rear gear cable, shaped and engraved lugs & bottom bracket shell.  The signature/team color was what Torpado called  Celeste ....not the green "celeste" of Bianchi, but a light turquoise-inclined pearlescent blue, more true to the meaning, "Sky Blue."

   Even the lower priced models had much detail work and, again, were nicer than many famous make "pro" bikes of that period. 

  In the last few years, a new Italian company has been producing Torpado branded bicycles...

Aldo Moser
riding Torpado
 circa 1954-56

David Belinky's 1974 track bike


An illustration used in advertising of the Torpado Superlight model

An early 1980s catalog for bikes imported into the USA
Scans courtesy Mark Bulgier

spec sheet
wpeDD.jpg (176792 bytes)

Marc Schechterman's mod. Nuovo Sprint bike




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