Rossin & Garbelli, via XXIV Maggio 48, Cavenago Brianza, Milano

Updated 8.1.2018

      Marco ("Marc") Rossin was the head frame builder at Colnago until 1974 when he established his own brand. Rossin became high profile bicycle maker through the 1980s with sponsorship of top teams, including USA based clubs.
     In 1992 the brand was sold to
a company called Finross (whose owners had founded Regina Cycles, Speed and Lema Sport) but that seems to have not worked out, Even more recently (?) acquired by a "," which again seems to have stalled out...

1975 "1st generation" Rossin Super Record
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HERE  courtesy eBay seller "olti27"

Mid 1970s Rossin with early version of logo.
Marco Borri notes that the "rear derailleur is marked patent 76, while crank set arms are marked digit 5 in a diamond. The most intriguing detail are the head badge and seat tube stickers showing Rossin first generation logo....later on Rossin was sued by another company due to trade mark question of that R logo, consequently he was forced to modify it in the following years."

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Late (?)1970s bicycle
Courtesy eBay seller pistard89

Super Record Road 1980

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M. Dempster's 1982 Model "Record" bike  

Cast lug set
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Track bike with "Oro"forks & stays
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1987 Catalog 

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Mark Fulton's early 1980s aero bicycle

A "LOOK" style paint job frame at the 2013 Cirque


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