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"Bici-corta" Bicycle
pdated 10.27.2015

   "Giorgio Rinaldi, turning from his primary career as a furniture designer, developed this ultra short and upright bicycle design.  Two tubes, about the size of stays, run from the seat cluster to the outside edges of the bottom bracket shell. The placement of these tubes are said to give the frame extra torsional rigidity."    
    "With the twin seat tubes design, the rear wheel can be moved forward --between the two tubes. The result is a wheel-base shortened by 6 full centimeters. The short chain stays allow six or eight fewer links in the drive chain."
    "Head tube and seat tube angles are ultra steep
: 77 to 78 degrees!  This results in an extremely quick handling bicycle..."

1981 Bicycling magazine test: RIGI bicycle specs

Chuck Donovan's
stainless steel bik



G.G. William's RIGI bicycle

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 Wayne Davidson's RIGI bike


Frameset study
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Photograph        Photograph        Photograph

This frame as a complete bike
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