Updated 1.14.2014

 Monterensio, Italy

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 "REG- The Rampinelli Company of Italy made a good range of components under the Reg and Roto names in the mid 1970s into the 1980s. The Roto pedals were not too bad, all chromed steel and of similar quality to Lyotard. They made good steel headsets similar to Campag. and a good range of investment cast lugs, b/b shells, drop-outs and fork crowns. We built quite a few Mariposas with them. They also made derailleurs which seem to be pretty poor copies of Huret. There was a front derailleur which was an almost exact copy of the Simplex Prestige. I assume Rampinelli and their products were swept away by the Japanese." 
                                                            Mike Barry. Bicycle Specialties, Toronto.

  "The Italian brands Roto S.R.L. and Rampinelli Eugenio Gamma of Bologna (...i.e. R.E.G.) are indeed related to one another inasmuch as Rampinelli founded Roto S.R.L. in the town of Monterensio some 34 kilometers south of Bologna as their cycling component oriented company while R.E.G. continued to cater principally to the bicycle and motor scooter accessory market.  And yes, Roto S.R.L. continues to be active in the bicycle market to this day:

 http://www.roto.it/en/ "


   "On the other hand, I believe that the original R.E.G. brand label has been relegated to the dustbin of history." 

                                                                     Robert  Broderick  www.Velo-Pages.com