Pogliaghi Registry
Bicycle Frame serial numbers

to establish approximate manufacture date.

Estimated serial number dating...
(Note: early production was low, 300-500 frames a year
until the early 1970s, according to *The Custom Bicycle*)

1950-1960:  #1 through #2500
(+/- 500)
1960-1970:  #2500 through #8000
(+/- 1000)
1970-1983:  #8000 through #14000
(+/- 1000)

(There is conflicting evidence over the quantity of production in the mid/late 70s.
Some data suggests about 800 frames a year at that time. Other data suggests many
fewer frames per year. We need more confirmed data to know exactly when the frames
9000-14000 were made. Was it 1970-1978? Or was it 1974-1982 or so? At this point the data conflicts.)

Placed in ascending serial number order.                  Updated 4.5.2015


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Serial number


Phil Grizic 58 cm track, part restored - original decals, blue/ purple 810 Unsure of the year - looking at the serial numbers it would suggest early 1950's ?
Thomas Minder Original condition & equipped with a Campagnolo Cambio Corsa gear 129347 Does not agree with other numberings!
John Morrison

58cm c-t road. Faema Team colors of red and white, restored by Brian Baylis as original . Original foil graphics retained. Diamond cutouts. Brazed-on cable-stops for front derailleur (a 60s feature that makes the frame impractical for use with the Record derailleur that *has* a cable stop already.)

3783 Probable date of manufacture
determined by examination of similar frames of the period.
Could be as late as 1967, or as early as 1960...
Adriano Cerutti "Adriano Cerutti lived in Milan and purchased it directly from Pogliaghi in 1955 who custom made it for him.  Raced for many successful years in Italy, and in the USA Picture Bronx, NY c1970 6474

Custom made for owner 1955

Brian Fessenden
Road 56cm, original green with with white head tube,  first generation decals that lasted only a few years. Pictures


Brian Fessenden
Track bike 52cm Pictures
6907 Very early 60s.
Paint and "Alchieri" decals are from the 1980s.
No information on Alchieri, possibly a local builder or club sponsor.
Marcus Helman Campagnolo front derailleur w/ integrated cable housing stop, a typical top-of-BB braze-on cable guide for the rear derailleur. Pictures 7077

mid 1960s?

Piet Beerens Pista 7144

 early 1960s

Arthur Sorkin   "Berghino Special" with Santa Monica Bicycle License decal from 1964. Similar decals to #7178. 7172 From Bob's Cycles in Los Angeles in 1963-64.
Jim Spracher 56 cm road "Berghino Special", pencil thin stays and round forks like a track bike, w/Campy wheels that are marked on locknuts as 1963. 7175 1963?
Ken Nitta Italcorse "Berghino Special" (imported by Bob <Berghino>'s  Cycles - Racing Specialties - Los Angeles, California) Pictures 7178 1963?
Daniel Peritore Pista Pictures 7293 1963-64?
Luca De Ponti Road racing Pictures 7342 1960s
Daniel Belasco  Blue , Campy equiped 7524 Purchased fall 1966
Greg Parker   7525  
Jim Spracher 56 cm road frame Pictures   7609 Early-mid 1960s?
Jim Ramey "Very similar to #7609 above. I still have the receipt for $280.00 plus tax." 7613

1969? New as a frame from a shop in Mentor, OH in 1975, said it had been on their shelf for more than five years.

Bob Ramsay looks like the above  7615

Bought from Mel Pinto Imports in about 1968

Jim Spracher track frame with chrome lugs. 7620  
  Pictures 7787  
Mike Short Pista 7800

"PSM" stamped on side of the seat lug

Chris Gonzalez 56 cm chrome track 7989 Late 1960s?
Brian Fessenden Road with unusual "D" chain stays, and with a yellow/green decal which says "BREVETTATO". Pictures 8023

Orig sold by Pete Rich's VeloSport, Berkley, CA in 1968-69.

Piet Beerens  Picture 8075 1968 
from Jantje Willems bike shop in Nuth, Netherlands.
On BikeForums Pista 9050


Piet Beerens Red road Pictures 9107

1969  (bought from Jo Geurts bike shop in Echt, in the south of the Netherlands)

Ed Litton Red road  Pictures  9127 March 1970 (Maybe old stock)
"GH" Green road Picture 9182


Sterling Peters   9203 1967?
Jen Daly  Off white with deep red detail 9211 mid 1970s?
Brian Fessenden
Tandem Road 58/58cm
original green and white paint Pictures
9223 1969-71?
Uwe Scheufen  Pista bike 9304 1970?
Mike Rathwell   Pista white 9313 1974?
Edward McRae Owner/Rider:Canadian National Team Rider 1969~1974 Red Pista w/Campagnolo cranks/head / bottom/seat post/Mavic Rims with Campag hubs (36 spoke) Rode in 1972 Olympics / 1973 world championships
Won numerous Canadian, North American and International events
9325 Purchased new 1971
For auction on Ebay, Nov. 02 Tandems full chrome Pictures 9404 1970s?
Piet Beerens Original except, see note at right) 9411 Purchased Christmas 1971 also from Jantje Willems (about a 1/2 year later it had failure of lug, frame sent back to Italy. When the frame came back in 1972, it was never reassembled....
Brian Fessenden
 Road 52cm , Original silver paint with green decals. Pictures
9452 1970-71
Purchased from original owner who bought it from Velo Sport in Berkeley
Mary Bauer As bought by Karel Miloslav Bauer. Turquoise 9460  
Paul Weir Turquoise, signed by Sante Pogliaghi in yellow script.  9463 bought from The Missing Link in Berkeley, CA  1972
Marty Jacobson Tandem, orange color   9523 1971? Purchased at Beverly Hills Bike Shop, CA
Dan Thrasher Pogliaghi Italiacourse road 22" 
Originally white paint
(repainted 1998)
9536 Frameset purchased new, 1972, Hamilton, Ontario
Bentley MacLeod     62cm 9542 original owner, bought in 1973
Erick Cuevas Pogliaghi Pista 52 original red paint Dura Ace 10?  Pictures 9565


Jack Bissell Road, silver  Pictures Damaged or removed? about in this spot approximately...
Dean Nixon Pista, red with white panels Built for Jack “Flash” McCullough, rider on the ‘72 Canadian Olympic team.  Pictures 9606

Early 1970s

Peter Nordloh  Silver with green 63 cm.  9635

Bought new in 1971

Dale Phelps Pictures 9641  
Mark Petry Road, orange Pictures  9647 1968
Steve Smith

 white Italcorse

9665 Orig owner purchased in 1974
Richard Mayers   9724 BARRARE  
Brian Fessenden
Road 52cm, refinished orange.  Pictures
9736 1972-73
Greg Arnold Purchased by orig. owner from Sante in Milan 9744 1969
CyclArt 2 matching Pogs 9888
& 9889
RacingParts@t-online.de Pista 57cm   Pictures 9918  
Radu-Victor Ionescu Pista
Via Rossem Cycleworks
Seen for sale Feb 2010 at Cicli Berlinetta Pictures 9951  
Jeff Pyzyk
Paul Sentesy Pista w/decals for both Reynolds 531 & Columbus Pictures D60  
Marty Jacobson  red with "psm" D128  
Anonymous 59 cm road D321 mid-to-late 1970s
Les Wade Green road D396  
Andrew Gura Pista pics  D536  
Brian Fessenden
 Tandem Road 53/53cm
 Silver with green decals.
No serial number! 1974-75?
Ken Baczkiewicz 60 cm, full Campy Record equipped  D664 PSM on seat lug purchased May 1977 from House of Wheels. NY
Manfred Peschka  Road equipped with possibly original 1976 Dura Ace black   D721  
"Zephyrus"  Pictures  D727 Ordered by a Mr. Silwerwood in 1975, delivery taken in 1976
Jan-Erik Baumueller   D784 Early 1980s?
Kevin Kruger Original condition as purchased from the original owner from "The Spoke" in Boulder, CO.    57cm. CTT.  Reynolds 531. Uncommon "flag" head and seat tube decals vs. the more common "world colors/champion" bands. Came with the "SP" panto'd chainring. Pictures D878 
or abbreviated 
  Blue metallic Italcorse Pictures D907 1974-5?
(Sold by Charles Andrews on eBay in Oct 2011)
Jeannie Gardner 50 cm Reynolds 531. Full Campagnolo when new. Pictures D936 Mid to late 1970s...
Theo Agaloy Road D2325
on head tube and 13985 on bb & steerer

Thought to be a bridge between Pogliaghi shop and Rossin. See it's other number below 13985

Gunther Schill 57 cm orange (ral 2004)Italcorse 11006

original owner, bought new in Jan, 1979 in Stuttgart, Germany

Steven Ward 58 cm,  green with yellow decals. On the chain stays it reads "Selection Brevete" 11069  
Alan Bernstein   11022  
Shawn Whiting road 11037

Bought new in 1977 in California

Juergen Spiekermann 56 cm road, full chrome 11151 1976
Joe Spelman Italcorse, "special ordered by my father from Sante Pogliaghi, sent  to Hill Cycle, Philadelphia, PA. It's stamped 'HC'." Pictures 11142 1977
Michael King    52 cm, road frame, full chrome track fork. Metallic yellow paint. 11167

"told it was 1977"

Chris Bresciani 54cm pista Metallic Silver w/yellow accents. Pictures 11223 "?...mid to late 1970s"
Simone D'Urbino Tange rubing, special shaped dropouts, 60 mm seat post slice (Typical of the last Pogliaghi-made models), original paint & decals from Soriani shop. Pogliaghi toe straps and binder bolt. Semi complete Suntour Superbe Pro groups Pictures 11263  
Carol Smith Tandem - 58 cm f x 55 cm r - Silver w/yellow, Full Campagnolo.  11270 mid to late 1970s
via Euro Asia Imports
Manuchrom Berlin 55 cm, metallic blue original finish. Pictures 11336  
Johan Ericson Italcorse w/short Campag fork ends, under the BB cable routing. Recessed nuts for the brakes. NO brazed on top tube brake cable guides. "27" decal on head and seat tube.  Pictures 11348

1977 (According to original owner)

Rick Hanson 56cm Refinished 11363  
Ron Cypers 56 cm road 11470 1980
Piet Beerens   11490 1977
Paul Whitman 59 cm Italcorse Match Sprint Track  "Pictured in the book  The High Tech Bicycle  in yellow and green Toga livery"  11502 1980?
Harris Spracher Road  11575 late
Asahi Chang Ital course road 11628  
Bob Johnson  Ital Course  56cm Pictures 11662
Jay Love 58 cm  blue  "psm" stamp on the top of the seat tube. 11676 Estimated 1978-1980
Linda Loo road 11700  
Tom Hayes Road, white   Pictures  11704  
 eBay 6-2013 Pista  (not original finish) Pictures 11737  
Jack Bissell Road, silver Pictures  erased  
Marco Vetralla Strada model. Dubois lugs,  diamonds in side of seat lug. Repainted Pictures 11970  
Chuck Gibbons 54 cm, blue 12059 Purchased new in early 1980s
Robin Belford dark blue Pogliaghi road bike,
58cm x top 56cm
Jeffrey  Smith Road Pictures 12146 Frame purchased in 1983
Paul Smith Road, full chrome Pictures  12193  
Walter Duevelshaupt  57 cm green Pictures 12200 early 1980s
Michael Mleczko Pista 12214  
Daniele Cavalli Strada, in Italia tri-color paint Pictures 12244  
Dylan Conklin Pista, original red with Campagnolo Record Group. Cinelli stem/bars,  Brooks seat. Pictures 12258  
J Rosado   12280  
Duane Kennard Italcourse 12282 1982
Pat Moffat  64 cm road metallic orange 12284 late 70's bike?
David Nelson Pictures 12288  
Theo Haris   12325
or 13985
At auction on eBay Feb 2010 Full chromed road bike Excellent pics by seller gaitanoc  Pictures 12371 1981?
Alberto Carera Pogliaghi road, 60 cm, Faema colors, Columbus tubing, Campagnolo group  Pictures 12402 Orig. owner bought in 1982 to race when he was 15 yrs old!
At auction on eBay Jan 2010  Italcorse Tandem Pictures 12437 1982?
On eBay Italcorse 57.5 cm c-to-c 12464 Bought in Seattle in 1982
Utama GA
Italcorse 59 cm Pictures 12469  
Henri Karam Cruz
(orig owner)
Pista (track) 50 cm Moser blue 12472 January 1982
Bill Huey Pictures 12502  
Miguel Mundo Track bike Pictures 12504  
Nina Scioli Road in orig green finish.  12537 1983 from Riggio Imports NY
Gary Jones 56cm Pogliaghi road bike  12548

"...was purchased as a frame & fork from Sante himself at his shop in Milano in late 1979. ...snip... while discussing the bike at his shop he stood beside me to size me by grabbing my crotch. How perfectly Italian! We then went across the street for a coffee..."

George Gibbs Pictures 12559 early 1980s
Tim Anderson Road in medium blue enamel 12614

Bought new 1984  from Riggio Import/Export in Clarence, New York, through Bikes Ltd. in LaCrosse, WI.

Sean Chen  Road, white  Pictures 12624  
 Ralf Merboth Pictures 12630 Hamburg, Germany
Bernd Harkansson  Road, 59 cm, red Pictures 12656 1984
Bret Bau  road, blue 12682  early 80's
Tony Nguyen Italcorse Pictures 12711
(on the bottom / front head lug)
Ford Kanzler  58cm Pogliaghi Super Special Pursuit   - ovalized Columbus Record tubing with CX model fork. Campagnolo Super Record components. 3ttt bar & stem, Nisi gold ano rims, Cinelli Volare saddle. 12791  
Michael Mattera Italcorse 12882 1982
R. Hainey  52 cm road,  grey 12910 1982
Scott Shannon Road, fastback seat stays Pictures 12928 stamped on the lower front head tube 1981-‘83?
Jean-Marc Saint-Hilaire "Selectio" road Pictures 12979
on the lower front head tube
David Poole Road, copper Pictures   12993 early 1980s?
Lawrence Thurman Italcourse 57 cm, candy apple orange, chrome engraved forks, chromed Campy dropouts. 13052 stamped on the lower front head tube  
Jim Huckaby Red 59 cm w/chrome fork & chain stays 13070   Late 1970s?
 Mark Pounders
Slate Blue 61 cm 13073

Believe it to be a 1982/1983

Sally Bidleman   13083  
Marty Eison Track 13148 1984?
  Pictures 13095 ?
Troy Taylor 54cm red track 13156 In use from mid-1980s
Stephen Martin Track 54 cm, blue 13157 1985?
Stephen Canny Track 56cm white  13169 1985
Adrian Knowles  Pista Pictures 13172  
Jimi Ayling 57cm Pista 13176  
Rudi Kruse Track 57cm, Campagnolo tips, Campagnolo equipped 13179 presume 1985?
Daniel Schwarz Blue Pista "Selection Brevete" and "World Champion Italcorse" 58cm (says 58TC on BB) 13188 1985?
(recent purchase)
Stephen Martin Track 58 cm, white 13189 1985?
Piet Beerens   13202 1985
Keith Larson  54 cm road, red 13258 Purchased new March 1985 from the "House of Wheels" in Clarence NY.
Josh Ellner Strada, round fork blades. Pictures 13261


Jim Kodjababian  56 cm road 13262 Orig owner 1984/85
Lorenzo Garavaglia   13577 bought used
John Gillman  48 cm red 13731
(under bottom bracket)
Kirby Colas 54cm white Columbus tubing, originally Campagnolo C-Record. 13733  

Don McKenzie

Road, 54 cm, Pearl White Picture

Roy Conway Road with C-Record Pictures 13982  
Theo Agaloy   Judging by the paint job, it looks to be by Rossin  13985 Thought to be a bridge between Pogliaghi shop and Rossin. See it's other number above D2325
Mike Webber 60cm road  repainted 14180 purchased new in Belgium in 1991 (Possibly old stock)
Robert Blanda Strada 14240  
Jonny Hamblen   blue columbus slx   14290 mid-late 80's?
Mike Barnhart 56cm road 14342 1990
Flemming Jensen 56 cm  PSM D828
with a R for Rossin in bbkt
 mid 1980s?
Wayne Harper Road, Columbus SL, made by later licensee (Basso?) Pictures 9082  
Mark Wente "Record", red 54 cm. c-t-top  Gilco style Columbus SL tubing  9210
on bbkt
1990 orig. owner
Ron Turner     9006515  
Terrence Murtagh Pista SP chain stays, oval forks 9103001 Basso built?
Charles Nighbor 56 cm road, black Pictures 348010 Basso built

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