Sante Pogliaghi
Originally: 11 Via Cesare Cesariano, Milan, Italy
Now:  manufactured by
Basso, current web site

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  "Sante Pogliaghi was one of the acknowledged masters of post war Italian frame builders. He was sought after by top Olympic and Professionals alike. While his track bikes, both solo and track are most famous, he also made superb road bikes. Sante passed away in the year 2000. The rights to manufacture frames under his name had been acquired by Marc Rossin around 1982, then in the later 1980s, by the Basso brothers.   Bikes from the 1970s and earlier, made by Sante himself, are highly prized by knowledgeable collectors."
      Pogliaghi chapter in "The Custom Bicycle "by Denise dela Rosa and Michael Kolin, Rodale press

   Additionally, Sante Pogliaghi was the nephew of Pierre Brambilla, and acquired that same workshop at his startup. The decal and head badge graphics carried forward a similar style.


With approximate
manufacturing dates.

1960s catalog  

Catal_72.jpg (170448 bytes)

1980s catalog
(Rossin era?)

Courtesy Andy Bohlmann

1990s brochure Basso era

scan courtesy Mark Bulgier

Sante Pogliaghi

Image from Basso/Pogliaghi booklet.
Date late 80's early 90's.

Sante Pogliaghi with Alcide Basso

Image from Basso/Pogliaghi booklet.
Date late 80's early 90's.

Brian Fessenden's early road frame #6677

Brian Fessenden's 1950s Pista frame #6907 , labeled as  "Alchieri" (?)

Marcus Helman's number 7077

Ken Nitta's Pogliaghi Italcorse "Berghino Special" #7178, est. 1963
Pictures courtesy Tony Nguyen

Luca De Ponti's 1960s bike, serial #7342

Early-to-mid 1960s #7609:


Mark Wente's Pogliaghi #7938 (on LH seat lug)

Brian Fessenden's late 1960s road bike #8023

 Piet Beeren's #9107

Ed Litton's #9127


Brian Fessenden's 1969-71 tandem #9223

Tandem #9404 as seen at auction on eBay.


Brian Fessenden's  #9452

 John Katsaras'  circa 1970 Italcorse

Erick Cuevas' Pista #9565


Dean Nixon's Pista #9606
Read about this bike's interesting
history on Dean's blog

Early to mid-1970s model "Selection"(?) as seen in Ebay auction..

wpe4.jpg (28350 bytes)            wpe6.jpg (65891 bytes)

Jack Bissell's road bike.   
See Jack's bike photography process HERE

Dale Phelp's #9641


Mark Petry's big orange mid-1970s serial  #9647.

wpe98.jpg (26657 bytes)                wpe97.jpg (25889 bytes)                wpe96.jpg (11023 bytes)                     

Brian Fessenden's refinished #9736





When being offered by Cicli Berlinetta


Paul Sentesy's Pista #D60


Kevin Kruger's original 1976 serial  #10878

#D907 as sold on eBay

Pogliaghi #D936


Chris Bresciani's Pista #11223

 Johan Ericson's #11358


Bob Johnson's #11662


A trio of "Pogs!"
- Red bike # 12656: owner, B.Harkansson,
- Green bike # 12200: owner, W. Duevelshaupt
- Chrome bike #11151: owner, J. Spiekermann

Tom Hayes' bike
serial #11704

wpe20.jpg (79702 bytes)     wpe1E.jpg (15338 bytes)

Walter Duevelshaupt's #12200

Pat Moffat's late 1970s
'golden metallic orange'

Pogliaghi #12077
Pictures courtesy Ben Deffense  

Jeffrey Smith's #12146


Daniele Cavalli's  #12244 


Dylan Conklin's Pista #12258

Pogliaghi #12288


 #12371 as seen at auction

Original owner, Alberto Carera bought this bike to race when he was 15 years old


Tandem serial #12437


#12469 Pista owned by Irwansyah Utama GA


 Bill Huey's #12502

Track bike #12504


Track bike #12559


Sean Chen's #12624


Ralf Merboth's  #12630
w/modern parts


 Tony Nguyen's Pogliaghi Italcorse #12711

 Jean-Marc Saint-Hilaire's  #12979
Don McKenzie's serial #13952

David Poole's early 1980s bike

wpe3C3.jpg (29330 bytes)        wpe3B9.jpg (17123 bytes)

Bicycle featured in
1986 Bicycle Guide magazine

 wpe3CD.jpg (31648 bytes)


Wayne Harper's #9082

 Adrian Knowles' #13172


Charles Fenner's 55 cm SLX #13970


 Roy Conway's #13982

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