Angelo Picchio, Torino, Italy
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an unsung artisan who, beginning in 1946, crafted many champions' bicycles, including winners of The Tour De France, The Giro d'Italia and the World Championships.  He was never to receive the credit, due to the politics of race team sponsorships.
     Pictured is Maestro Picchio (on the left) with his top assistant Francesco Trentin, who had been team mechanic for the Torpado team in its grandest days. All brazing was done by Picchio or Trentin.

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     The intricately carved lugs of the Model 'Special'.

John Pergolizzi met Angelo Picchio in Torino, and subsequently
visited his retirement workshop... see the pictures


The web master's late 1970s  Picchio Special
 in the city of Torino colors, silver with blue and yellow seat tube bands.  


Kevin  Kruger's Early 1980s Picchio Special "Rigido"
including advertisement for this model in Winning magazine


John Katsaras' early 1980s Picchio Special


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