22 Via Poggi, Celle Ligure (SV), Italia


     In 1939, after Guiseppe Olmo's retirement, he began his bicycle making firm in Celle Ligure.  The company is still in production today. Giuseppe, nicknamed"Gepin", with brothers Franco, Giovanni and Michele , also successfully expanded into industries producing  plastics for the automotive, furniture, footwear, textiles and thermal insulation.
  Giuseppe Olmo Spa has produced many bicycles in it's long history and has been called "The Schwinn of Italy".  But, as with the Schwinn Paramount, Olmo has also produced some very refined high end models. 

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Guiseppe OLMO

November 22, 1911 March 5, 1992

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From 1936 Cycling Magazine

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Peter Brueggeman's
serial # registry
Current Olmo
web site
Google street view
offactory in 2011
photos by Hilary Stone





Aldo Ross' 1960s Olmo  
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1960s Olmo
Pictures courtesy eBay sell 0000z

Michael Levy's 1960s bike #C790


1980s OLMO
Pictures courtesy eBay seller hannebambell
OLMO Firenze w/ black Galli  group.

 OLMO Strada
Picture courtesy Coco's

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