Firenze, Italy

     Vasco Montelatici and Cino Cinelli raced together as Juniors before WW2. After the war, Vasco opened a bicycle shop and sponsored racers, Cino opened a shop and made frames and components. When Vasco needed "house" frames to put his name on, he sometimes went to his old friend Cino, as well as Galmozzi and Patelli.
    In 1955 Sante Ranucci won the amateur world championship (riding a Montelatici bike), thus earning Montelatici the coveted 'World Championship stripes'.

Vasco Montelatici  passed away in 2003

Anne Phillips "What's a Monte?" story HERE

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Vintage frame road bike with modern components

Anne Phillips road rocket!
First as a frame alone


This frame built up into a complete bike:


Brian Baylis elaborately painted Monte!


 Frame set from this same approximate era.

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