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Original workshop in Concorezzo,  just outside Milan

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Giuseppe Mondonico and his brother Angelo founded the Mondonico shop in 1929, in their home town of Concorezzo, a small village just outside Milan, near the Monza Speedway.

Giuseppe died 1973 and the shop was closed. Antonio went to work in Gianni Motta's shop for 1976 and 1977, then in the Colnago shop until 1979. Antonio Mondonico reopened his own shop in 1979.

From 1984 until 1989, Paolo Guerciotti and Mondonico went into partnership to produce both Guerciotti and Mondonico frames. with production nearing 2,000 frames per year. In 1989, Antonio, now with son Mauro, returned to their small artisan workshop.
Antonio retired in 2006. Mauro continues with the brand
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Antonio Mondonico with frame & jig, setting pin in bbkt & with Faliero Masi.
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