Reputed to have been made by Fiorelli.
Now a newer line of models are being offered by Montante of Sicily.
3.9.2020            Special thanks to Kevin Kruger

"Maserati bicycles were only tangentially connected to the motor company. The bicycle branch was headed by Alfieri Maserati (a grandson, I believe, of one of the original Maserati brothers of automotive fame) but was a separate entity from the car factory in Modena, Italy. The bikes were imported and sold in the US by Elsco Corp of Jacksonville, Florida, which was owned by Ed Hugus who raced Maserati cars and was a friend of the Maserati family." from the Road & Track article about the Maserati bicycle.
                                                                                                                      Kyle Brooks

 Kevin Kruger's 1973 MT-3

April 1974: Road & Track's tongue-in-cheel road test of a Maserati bicycle
(Scans courtesy Kevin Kruger)


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